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Friday, September 02, 2005

Malaysians in a Queue

During the August 31st public holiday, as on any public holiday, it was packed at the malls.

While queueing up behind a man at a fastfood joint, I was not very surprised when his wife suddenly dashed from another queue to join him when it was his turn to order. As if that was not bad enough, they then called their 3 kids over and took about 20 minutes deciding what to order. Hrrrmmph...kiasu M'sians.

While queueing up to pay my car park ticket, I was behind a little girl of about 4. Her mum was standing in the next booth which looked like it was about to be opened, and when it did, she pulled her little girl almost roughly to her side leaving the little girl confused "Why mummy?" I didn't hear her reply but her expression for her little girl wasn't very nice. Hrrrmmmppph.... another kiasu M'sian.

Unrelated to queueing incident but while we're being "8 lady"/"patt poh"(busybody).... might as well continue....

At the park, a mum was forcing her little girl to walk up and down the see saw when it was quite obvious that the little girl was reluctant to do so. She was crying "I'm scared." Her mum ignored her cries and proceeded to make her pose for several photos with her elder sister even though she looked rather unhappy and uncomfortable. When their dad turned up, mum proudly proclaimed "I'm teaching her balancing skills." Hrrrmmmpphh.... Dunno what to say to that. "Balancing skills oso must teach one meh?" Another lesson here? Don't make kids pose for photos. Spontaneous, candid snapshots are much better.

Another lady came to the park with husband, two kids, a maid and an elderly lady. It was a Sunday morning and she was dressed up to the nines with heavy make-up and refused to sit down anywhere on the park chairs complaining all the while. Hmm... why even bother coming to the park in the first place?

MG is kaypoh today but these scenes reminds me to be extra careful about my own behaviour because as a parent we are teaching our kids by example all the time. Sometimes when we're tired or rushed, we forget. Psssttt.. I must look very much like the kiasu M'sian too when asking a very reluctant hubby to queue at another line at the supermarket so that we would be faster as it was late and the kids were fretty. (*Hangs head in shame*) So..... think twice before you throw your tissue out your moving car or in the drain. Your kids are watching you all the time. (And so are other busybody bloggers. Hehehe.)


  1. pet peeve number one of malaysian queues..

    the way they stand so damn close to you you think you might suffocate.

    just in case anyone potong jalan.



  2. I'm glad you brought this up cuz this is something I need to ask everyone...is it wrong to have your friend or family member suddenly join you while you are waiting in line? I mean I've seen it happen before but I'm dont get pissed that easily cuz I dont think it's as bad as a stranger just simply "butting in".

    About the balancing skills...seriously I want to slap that mum myself!!

  3. One problem with me with the queue is when it's long, I couldnt find the end of it ... They just didnt know how to straighten the line, maybe due to cramp space it's forgiveable, if very large room available to make a straight line, they just didnt, it goes over here, over there .. like roller coster already.

    I dont ask somebody to queue at the other line for me, I will ask them to wait for me, I'll wait till the turn come to me.

  4. racheal, the worse case of ppl standing very close to you is when you're queueing at the ATM.

    centerpride, I don't think theres anything wrong if they're just there to keep you company or to tell you what they want to eat if you're ordering food for them but I think its wrong if they too want to buy something and they join you. Now thats cutting queue!

    maelzx, you're right about the crooked line. Sometimes it branches into two and you don't know which is the right place to queue :O

  5. we once saw this fella with a trolley queueing up at the cashier in a supermarket. thatime already got lotsa ppl in the queue. then few mins later, 1 bunch of that fella's parents, siblings, yee mar, gu zhe all came with 2-3 trolleys (full of things), standing beside him so that they can pay together. MORONS!!

  6. there was once an auntie was standing so close to me at the counter, try to cut queue. while the person at the counter was moving away, she stepped even closer to me, i was feeling abit uneasy. then i purposely (i'm tall enough) pretend din see her, stepped alil front, and even nearer to her (but still in front of her). what a b*tch!

  7. Hahaha. Narrowband. You make that sound like those irritating motorists which try to potong Q last minute by driving very close to you and to maintain your territory you have to drive just as close to them and if either one of you is not careful...BOOOM! Colision.

  8. crazygrrl, pity the person who was standing behind the MORONS in that queue.

  9. Everywhere you can see Ugly Malaysians!

    I must admit I sometimes am one of them out of desperations or kiasuisms :P

  10. Lining up in 2 queue-Guilty of that too! Kiasu indeed *reflecting moment*

    Glad to have uback posting-In need of amusement!

    Hope u r in pink of health!


  11. *head hang low low* I do that too.. make my spouse queue another queue.. just to get to the fastest.. kekekeke!!
    but nope.. no tissue.. no posing. .no balancing act..no ordering food for 20mins .. ;)

  12. err...this is a kind of mentality--if I don't like this, other ppl will do wor. or others do like this why I can't do like this?
    so I also queue one line, and hubby queueone line, see whose faster then jump to it. but then hardlyhappen, we always shop on weekday night :P.
    wander why my feed reader refuse to read your up date *scratching head*

  13. egghead, hopefully our children (the next generation) don't turn into more kiasu M'sians. Hahahaha.

    ginn, thanks, nice to see you too!

    big bok, I don't do the double queue thing very often or hardly becos hubby dislikes it since he is very much more civic than me. Hehe. So, probably the most annoying thing I do now in a queue is queue hopping, ie hop from queue to queue in search for a shorter one. Irritating or not? :PpP

  14. Hi Maria, we are online at the same time! :) Seems like a lot of ppl queue up in different lines at the same time. No wonder the queues always so long.... becos theres ppl there queueing for the sake of queueing. Hahaha.


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