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Monday, September 26, 2005

Specialists. Hmmrmph!!

Warning! Ranting post ahead.

I hate going to Specialists, eye, ear, heart, whatever. Perhaps it usually means that something is wrong with you (accept if you're seeing a gynae during pregnancy). When I think of visiting a specialist my mind is filled with the image of packed waiting rooms, waiting for hours just to see someone for a few minutes. And more often than not that someone would give curt replies to our questions and usually we have many questions to ask during the visit. Its almost as if the specialist is saying "C'mon. Out with it and out with you. Next!" Its even worse when you have to drag two young kids along with you to the visits. Geez!

Anyway, I'm ranting because I had an ear infection that wouldn't go away. No choice but to visit the ENT. No packed waiting rooms as I envisaged but he wanted to make me come back for repeat visits (I think). After two visits and a whopping RM450 gone, my ear problems have not gone away. I decided to discontinue the visit and went to the pharmacy to buy more of the eardrops I was prescribed. It cost me only RM4!!!! Hmmmm..... Ear infection was cured when I finished that bottle of eardrops but its back now. (*Grumble grumble grumble*). Thats probably why I'm ranting. No offence if you're a specialist reading this blog.


  1. I think is important to identify the reasons behind your ear problems... do not simply use ear drops :P

  2. egghead, its a long story. Before I went to see this specialist, I had gone to another GP 2 times. First I was told its a bacterial infection, then a fungal infection. I relayed this info to the specialist. He looked in my ear and said "No, its not a fungal infection becos I don't see any white spores." However at the next visit, he told me I'm giving you something for your fungal infection. I had to remind him that he told me it was not a fungal infection to which he looked puzzled and said "Hmmm... now why did I write down here that you have a fungal infection? Oh! Its becos your GP said so. Sorry." Since I'm not getting much help from any of them, I have no choice. Don't worry lah. I'm not just using any eardrop or self medicating. Its prescribed and I do a lot of reading. Only problem is it keeps recurring. Bah! Ok. I'm ranting again and almost writing another post here!

  3. Get well soon.. MG..!
    I know how irritating.. any kinda illnesses can be.. even an itch irritates me.. so i feel for you .. !

  4. how about getting second opinion from another specialist? *sigh* I pandai cakap saja...
    get well soon.

  5. Hi MG, I heard of an aunty, she has ringging ear all the time. She is quite well to do but decided to seek treatment in GH. Don't know how lucky she was, the problem that has been hounding her for years is cured. And she gets the best medication and only payed RM5. According to her, they have the best equipment in Malaysia. Very detail check up as well. Usually it takes her one morning session to finish her visit from the hospital.

  6. big bok, maria, allyfeel, thanks for your thoughts. Been to the doctors 4 times altogether dragging the kids along. Can't bear dragging them for another visit. I think the ear irritation more bearable. Haha. Anyway, will play by the ear (ya. ya.) If gets worse or doesn't get better than only see how lah. Cannot ignore also, ear very important organ, yes?

  7. very...once u loose it, you can't get it back oh!!! be careful MG!!!

  8. yah, but so far its an outer ear infection, middle ear still ok and hearing not impaired but I'm mindful, thanks.

  9. hhmm..i'm VERY prone to ear infections. :( n i hate it when i get it. hurts so bad. :( but like u, i oso went to see an ENT, thank goodness the problem is solved. the doc did weird stuff to my ears...at one point, he stuck something in n pulled this gunk. no, not ear wax but looked real weird. must have been harden spores or watever lar. after that, wuahh....so lega my ears! :P

    overall, should go to another doc...happy healing!

    ps. do u swim a lot? if yes, then mayb water got in together with some bacteria..thats why i stay away from pools.

  10. be caution leh, don't loose ur hearing otherwise u can hear ur girl's sweet talk anymore liao leh...


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