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Shopee Ramadan Sale

Monday, February 20, 2023

What you need to know about Remove Class or Kelas Peralihan for SJKC and SJKT students

What is TP1 to TP6?

It is that time of the year when students who have completed their primary schoool education will advance to secondary school. There is some anxiety for SJKC or SJKT students as they will find out whether they have to attend Remove Class or Kelas Peralihan.

Remove Class or Kelas Peralihan for SJKC and SJKT students is not something new. It has been around for a long time now. SJKC or SJKT students are required to attend Remove Class or Kelas Peralihan for a year before advancing to Form 1 in secondary school if their Bahasa Malaysia language do not meet the minimum standard.

So what is the minimum standard? In the past, it was a minimum of Grade D in BM paper 1 and BM paper 2 in UPSR. According to the image below from  year 2016, a minimum of Grade D would translate to 50 marks and above. Read our earlier post on Do SJKC and SJKT students need to attend remove class for more information.

What has changed now? This year, ie the academic year 2022/2023 students sat for the UASA (Ujian Akhir Semester Akademik) for the first time. (Read our post on What you need to know about the UASA for details)

Under the UASA, students are assessed according to their mastery level or tahap penguasaan (TP). Below is the TP levels for Bahasa Malaysia for P4 to P6 students.

Referenced image is from:

The minimum level of achievement for advancing to Form 1 is TP3. Those who are at TP1 or TP2 levels are required to attend remove class or kelas peralihan. However, parents may appeal for students to sit for the Bahasa Melayu Assessment Literacy Test (UPLBM). Those failing the UPLBM are required to take a one-year transition class (Kelas Peralihan) to improve their knowledge of Bahasa Melayu before entering secondary school.

Below is the timeline for the appeal for 2023/2024 academic year

19 or 20 March 2023 Register student for remove class or Form 1 at assigned secondary school

22 March 2023 Sit for the Bahasa Melayu Assessment Literacy Test (UPLBM)

28 March 2023 Results of UPLBM *

* Students who pass can advance to Form 1. Students who fail will attend Remove Class.

Refer to details below

Referenceed document is from:

Knowledge is power. With knowledge of the minimum requirements as above, parents with kids in upper primary SJKC or SJKT can prepare to make sure their children are able to advance directly to Form 1 by ensuring that they meet the minimum requirements.

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