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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

How To Improve On BM Penulisan Part A

The BM Penulisan Paper for UPSR at this point of writing is made up of Part A, Part B and Part C. This post is all about Part A. In Part A, kids are required to make five sentences (Bina Ayat) based on a given picture. Each sentence carries 2 marks and you should spend about 15 minutes on this part.

Firstly, I would like to mention that this post is not only useful for students who are taking the UPSR examinations. It is useful for all primary school children who have to learn how to make BM sentences. This usually starts from Standard 3 onwards.

So, how do you do well in making sentences (Bina Ayat) for Part A of the BM Penulisan UPSR Paper? The first thing, a child has to learn are verbs (Kata Kerja).

Step 1. Advice your child to circle 5 parts of the picture that contain verbs.
Step 2. Make sentences (Bina Ayat) based on those verbs (Kata Kerja) using the "Siapa/Buat Apa/Huraian"             Formula
Step 3. Use conjunctions (Kata Hubung) to lengthen the sentences.

Here are some great resources to help you answer BM Penulisan Part A

1. BM Penulisan UPSR Bahagian A (Slides)
First, you need to circle out the keywords. This slide has very good examples of how you can circle the verbs in the picture and the difference between a good sentence and a poor one.

2. BM Penulisan Bahagian A (Blog Post)
Don't know enough verbs? This teacher has put together 9 blog posts listing out the all the possible scenarios and the various verbs (Kata Kerja)  that can be used to make sentences (Bina Ayat). The above links to the first scenario. You can find the other links on the left side bar of her page.

3. Bahasa Melayu Penulisan Bahagian A (Blog Post)
What about the format for sentences? This blog post lists out how to arrange the sentences in the "Siapa/Buat Apa/Keterangan or Huraian" (Who/Doing What/Explanation) Format. This is really useful too in addition to knowing the verbs (Kata Kerja)

4. Teknik menjawab UPSR Bahagian A Bahasa Malaysia (Video) Click the link to watch on YouTube or watch below.
This video has it all. Finally, if your child is a visual person, he can watch this video on how to improve or the technic to answer BM Penulisan Part A which includes all of the rules mentioned above and including common mistakes that should be avoided.


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