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Friday, August 11, 2017

Last Minute Preparation For UPSR 2017

Countdown To UPSR 2017 

At the point of writing this, UPSR 2017 is only 30 days away! The countdown clock is ticking, and for students and parents supporting their children for the upcoming exams, it may seem like the clock is going on a fast motion.

UPSR 2017 Dates And Calendar

First of all, go here to read our earlier post on the dates and timetable for UPSR 2017 . I have prepared a free printable calendar or planner for parents of our Facebook group to print out for their children's use to support their preparation for the UPSR 2017. I have purposely kept the calendar design as plain as possible so you can use it to fill in the blanks with your own planning or alternatively, you can use it as a countdown calendar. I included blank boxes and filled in the exam dates to make the calendar as flexible as possible for use. I have not included weekends because of the different weekends we observe for different states in Malaysia. With this calendar, you can easily see at a glance how many weekends you have left to help your kids prepare for their exams.

You can click to enlarge and print the above or use the download link here to download and print both pages of this UPSR planner Calendar in pdf format

Last Minute Preparation For UPSR 2017

Parents may also find the following last minute tips useful.

Tips On How To Study 4 Days Before Your UPSR Exams
Exam Day Tips For UPSR Students

Important Information For Parents

The children will not be allowed to use their regular pencil cases. They will need to carry something transparent or tie their stationery together using a rubber band as shown below. (Unfortunately I couldn't find a sharpener or ruler to complete the set, however I am sure you get the idea). In any case, please make sure your children check what's allowed with their teachers.

On other preparation for what's allowed and or required at the examination center, do trust the teachers and your children. All you need to do now is stay calm so that you don't pass on your own anxiety and worry to your child who is sitting for the exams. Good luck to the candidates of UPSR 2017!


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