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Sunday, January 01, 2023

Helping your daughter to handle getting periods in school

 This post was brought to you by Lady K House.

Preparing your child for first period

Many girls are getting their period at a younger age, some as young as 8 years old. As parents, we should prepare our girls as early as possible. The best way to prepare them is to chat with our daughters about puberty and the changes their body will be going through. This is important so that they will be prepared and not get caught by surprise or fear. 

It is never too young to start these kinds of conversations matter of factly. There is nothing to be shy about. Even dads can do this, especially single dads. You don't have to leave this to mom. Any parent can help to prepare their child to expect their first period. Let them ask questions and be clear and straight forward with your answers. 

Next, you can prepare a First Period Kit consisting of:
  • Cute pouch
  • Sanitary Pad
  • Extra set of panties
  • Hand wipes
  • A small diary to record period dates
  • A small gift

How to handle getting period in school, teasing, stains and cramps

Most primary school children would already have gotten their periods by the time they reach the age of 12 before they advance to secondary school. This means that they will have to handle getting periods while they are at school from a very young age. They may have to handle getting periods while school is in session along with any teasing, staining or cramping.

Here's how we can prepare them to handle getting periods in school
  • Prepare a pouch with extra pads, panties and wipes for their school bags
  • Educate them on the proper and hygenic way to dispose of a pad
  • Teach them to inform teacher if they need to rest due to bad cramps
  • Ask them to ignore teasing and it will cease. Bullies like to tease only if they get a reaction. If the teasing is bad, tell them to inform the teacher
  • Wear a comfortable leak free pad and safety pants during period days to prevent stains 

Lady K recommends

As parents we want the  best for our children. Similarly we want the best pads available for our daughters. Pads that are comfortable, leak free and formulated without harsh chemicals. This is important to prevent rash or uncomfortable itching on sensitive skin during period days. 

Lady K recommends Korea Rael Organic Cotton Cover Sanitary Pads. RAEL is a number 1 best seller in Amazon. It is designed for women by women. It is crafted with a plush organic cotton cover and a super absorbant core to protect the most sensitive skin and prevent allergies. Inpsired by a rising trend in Korea, this unique hybrid between an overnight pad and a period underwear provides the ultimate period protection for day and night.

A good starter pad for kids, preteens, teenagers and including mom!

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