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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Budding Emotions, Developing Vocabulary

My daughter’s emotional and speech growth is amazing. Being at home allows me to observe, teach and guide.

Her latest “sentences” are : “What’s happening?” when something isn’t going as planned accompanied by the cutest questioning look and she will raise her eyebrows just like mummy. I will then tell her “What you are doing is raising your eyebrows” and then we would have a little eyebrow game where mummy raises her eyebrows then she raises her eyebrows and we go back and forth and back and forth until she bursts with hilarious laughter.

Her second favourite sentence is “toys all over the floor” right after she has thrown them all over the house. The latter is of course is in imitation of mummy, only mummy has an expression of displeasure while hers is full of delight as she says “toys all over the floor!”

She is also learning to express various emotions. Often when I am scolding her, she will call me “mummy, mummy, mummy” to stop me in my tracks. Then she smiles at me rather nervously as though seeking approval or hoping I will smile back at her and recently right after smiling that nervous put on smile (very different from her sunshine smile) she will say “happy..” ie telling mummy to stop being angry at her. Now how can anyone stay angry?

When she cries after being scolded she would look at me through the tears in her eyes and ask “why girl-girl cry?” I would then explain to her “You cried because you were being naughty and got scolded by mummy but don’t worry “Mummy scold only when girl-girl is naughty because mummy sayang.”

One day, I saw her sitting next to baby as baby was crying and she was “scolding” baby “baby naughty” “beat, beat” and she proceeded to hit baby softly on his thighs. OMG the things she picks up from her parents!!


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