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Monday, February 28, 2005

I HATE dentists! (Part I)

In my earlier post I mentioned the much dreaded word "toothache" and

5Xmom responded with:

"Wah...I hate toothaches and I HATE dentists. I hate dentist, I hate dentist...Ooopsss....I forgot, back to MG's blog."

then twinsmom responded:

"I HATE dentist!but I love my tooth, have to love them, otherwise they will make me miserable."

and 1+2mom said:

"I very scare dentist! So i very takecare of my kids teeth."

Note: Better brainwash my kids not to become dentists if I don't want everyone to hate them.

I have discoloured teeth, or more correctly, they're multicoloured. Hues of yellow, grey and brown. I was told they are that way probably due to some antibiotic my mum took when she was pregnant with me. Not my fault ok? I don't like sweets and I brush. We even had a dentist in school for regular checkups and they thought us the art of brushing during primary school. I remember standing in a field with my red kole and brushing until my mouth foamed but we were not allowed to gargle for 10-15 minutes, then *gargle gargle* and repeat. Yuck! Feel like gagging from the memory.

When I was 12, a dentist told me "Your roots are dead. We have to do root treatment." (*shiver shiver*). And so he took out all the roots from one of my tooth and replaced it with a screw to hold up that tooth. (Watch out! MG got bionic tooth).

I went on with my bionic tooth for another 10 years or so. One day, as a young working adult, I went to see a doctor for a simple cold and after checking my throat and having had (what must have been to him)a horrible close-up view of my teeth, the doc told me "Young lady, you should get your teeth fixed. With teeth like that for a lady your age, I am sure your confidence will be affected." Then he gave me an understanding smile. I felt like clobbering him or giving him a bionic bite but I just gave him a small smile (a smile that does not show teeth, which I had practised and perfected for years) and left.

I felt even more ashamed with my teeth after that I decided to fix it however much I hated the dentist. Thinking back now, its such a small thing to feel so upset about. Teeth only mah! What about people who have cleft lip or some other deformity or handicap. Its society which looks at people differently just because they are "different". Confidence should come from within oneself but I didn't know any better than.

And thats what spurred me on to fix my teeth. It cost several thousand Ringgit. Hey! At that time I only earned less than RM500 a month so several thousand Ringgit was big! (Come to think of it, its still big Now!) And I paid for it with my own hard earned money. (*ahem*)

Wah. This post getting long. I will talk about what happened at the dentist later lah. Now lazy.


  1. Talk so much,still havent get into the main point.-.-" :) I have good teeth,the dentist said so,say I know how to take good care of them.I was laughing when I come to think of it.

  2. haha, my mom and auntie forced me to do orthodontic when i was 15yo. wore braces until upper 6! wahlaueh, pain pain pain. now? lengchai liao lor :lol:

  3. i had braces few years ago.. damn painful.. had 5 teeth plucked out.. but now ok ady :P

  4. MG..used up all ur saving to fixed teeth ahh?? Waaa...u care about image oso ahh...hehee

  5. Jason, give face to auntie lah. Auntie very cheong hei but like dat only got suspense mah. Oi! What are you doing here hah, go back to your books lah SAHB!

    Buaya, like dat kenot buaya hor until after complete Upper Six.

    Munkit, Is that why you cover up your profile face with mask???

    msau, yah lor, pokkai liao! (but that was ages ago adi).

  6. no la.. my teeth are okay now. my teeth also born pigmented.. it has a light yellowish hue (like tea stain) but i think it's not very obvious..

    nowadays dentist earn more money than doc..

  7. munkit, I joking only la. How come your profile face no longer showing. You merajuk adi ah?

  8. I used to hate dentist too.. till i found one really good one in NTUC - dental ..in Orchard point.. :) Lady dentist .. very good.. :)
    And then i come to Canada. for 4yrs dare not go to dentist because of a bad experience here... and then recently i found one really good one.. Dr Leblanc.. :) he is really good.. and i'm not afraid of dentist again..!! Want referral..mumsgather..???

  9. Actually, my dentist not that bad but how do you define a good dentist, I'm not sure..

  10. aahahah eno.. must be something wrong i go check again :PpP

  11. No wonder u hate Dentist. That's quite an experience.
    Since no time to go to DH's clinic, DH brings his tools back so that he can do my scaling @ home.

  12. Wah good lah you, got personal dentist and btw, you forgot to leave your name lah A&A'smom.

  13. Hey.. MG,
    A good dentist is someone who does my teeth with minimum pain.. !! and donch law-sow type..! ;)

  14. Out of topic comment.

    Finally,took me 3 hours plus to go through all your 6 months' posts.Somehow,I remembered I read them before and I forgotten,so I read again,post by post. :P

    Now,Mumsgather is officially under Jason's daily reads.

    Talking to myself,"Oh no,another SAHM's blog to read.Aiii...I am qualified to join SAHM liao,just that I can't give birth and do breast feeding only."

  15. Mrs T, Minimum pain. Yes! Yes!

    Jason, wah you no joke but exam over adi nvm, yes you can qualify for the sahm club and if you ever do a cooking or other related show you got many ppl come and 'pong chan' hor?

  16. Talk about teeth...I have horrible teeth...7-8 crowns (3 root canal with crowns)...and after all the ££ on these work, my ingrown wisdom tooth (one and only left) pushing all my bottom teeth....crooked already lah....luckily my husband still loves me. Hehehe.
    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. God looks into our hearts and not our outward look...phew...just making myself feel good lei!


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