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Monday, May 07, 2007

What is a mother's job?

My Girl: Mummy... is your job to scold?

MG: Yes, my job is to take care of you and if I see you and baby jumping around like you just did and I think you may fall and hurt yourselves, then I will scold you. (saying this while trying to keep a straight face)

My Girl: What is daddy's job?

MG: Daddy's job is to work hard and make money and take care of you.

MG: And what is your job?

My Girl: My job is to play

MG: *faints*

To all mothers. What is your job? Is scolding part of your job? I think it definitely is, right? Hahaha.


  1. ya..totally agree with u..mummy job is scolding scolding and scolding..hahaha

  2. I think I have to prepare myself with all these question once Claudia is about your daughter age. That conversation between your daughter and you are definitely funny and good reference for other mummies.

  3. I said I'm going to ditch the cane rite? But not the scolding, HAHAHAHA!!! True, part of our job is to scold, opps sorry I want to put it in a positive dimension, to ADVISE, with varying tone! Wahahahaha!

  4. Her reply is so tactful yet funny! :D

  5. ya lar that's y tag line in my blog, yak a lot scold a lot...hahaha

  6. annie q,
    We scold 24 hours a day. Hahaha!

    mrs wallace,
    The hardest question to answer is "Yes... but why???!" This question comes AFTER we have answered the original question unsatisfactorily and it will be repeated till you give a satisfactory reply. Lol!

    Hey! I like that. Advise with varying tone. Hahaha!

    Sometimes she leaves me at a loss for words. I'm sure your Belle will be this way too. Hehe.

    You forgot nag a lot.

  7. I shall not answer this question because it is directed at mothers :P

  8. pablopabla,
    Why? Scared the mothers will SCOLD you? Lol!

  9. Yep looks like she is scolding 24/7. She is also teaching

  10. scolding, smacking, kissing, cleaning poop, force feeding (medicine), soothing, teaching, learning etc etc.

  11. If we don't scream and shout at our kids, we are not their mummy.Hahaha...

  12. my job is to "try" to be nice. heheh

  13. a&a'smom,
    While we teach, we learn too!

    zara's mama,
    True, true.

    Haha. How true.

    Not easy to try hor.


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