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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kids Crafts: Crayon Resist Painting

Crayon Resist Painting is another fun and easy craft you can do with little kids. This kid's craft is really fascinating.

Here's what you need to do:

First you ask your child to draw a picture using crayons. Make them draw thick lines and press really hard when they draw. The best effect will be achieved using light crayon colors.

Secondly, ask your child to paint their crayon drawing using dark watercolors. Mix the watercolors with more water ie use dark paint but make it diluted.

Your child will be fascinated when the watercolors resist the crayons when they paint. This craft is really easy for little ones to do since they don't have to paint in the details. They merely paint over the details or crayon drawings instead. Its easier to draw then to paint.

Here are some tips for doing this crayon resist craft:

  1. Use light crayon colors and press really hard to get more wax out when drawing.
  2. Use dark water colors and dilute it with more water so that the paint is watery and not too thick.
  3. Use a cloth to blot out the excess wet paint over the crayon drawing parts.
  4. Don't overpaint. Otherwise the paper will become blotchy or tear.

We created rainbow scenes and drew heart shapes and "I love You's" on our paintings but you can also create a Snowman or Santa (for really young children) or other snow scenes using white crayons and black paint. This craft can be turned into a fun Christmas Craft. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for your tips! I tried it once with Nikita before but it didn't come out quite like yours. I'm going to try again sometime soon.

  2. going to do this with Qiqi tomorrow, THANKS!!!

  3. crazymommy,
    I'm sure it'll turn out nice. You are so good in crafts.

    mummy to qiqi,
    I hope qiqi enjoys it.

    Its fun too!

  4. Dear MG,
    Cld u email me at sheela.jayaraj@gmail.com as I need to get in touch with u for some urgent & important inquires. Thxs so much.

  5. Nice and easy craft for kids, i'm sure the kids will love it.
    If you used white crayon to draw it,when the watercolour paint on it sure will suprise the kids.


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