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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Science and Art Craft for Kids

I call this the Science and Art Craft because its really a two in one fun for the little ones.

First we did a science experiment by mixing primary colours to get secondary colours. We did this in little plastic cups in the bathroom (for easier cleanup). Haha. Thats the "science" part.

Tip: Use white to mix. They make lovely colours. Avoid black!

Then we used the leftover paints, an old toothbrush and some straws for the "art" part.

We dipped the old toothbrush into the watercolours, then flicked the toothbrush bristles all over the art paper. After that we used the straw to blow on the extra patches of paint into different directions and tadaa... we have our batik.

It doesn't look that nice but thats ok. I got a big hug and a "Thank you mummy for doing this with us." and thats a lot better than any batik design anywhere. Thats my gal. She always does this whenever I do something together with her that she likes. She's very appreciative.

That remark kept me going when I had to wipe out the stained wall and mat afterwards. The bathroom was easy to clean. Just spray! The stained wall was because I left them alone at it for a while so they could really have a go at it without my supervision and the little clingy one ran out to find me and left his handprints on my walls and footprints on my bathroom mat. Ouch!


  1. thanks is something nice. Dono why, kids seems to enjoy messy moments. my gal love to shower with me, rubbing shampoo all over me, and scrub my scalp..

  2. poor mommy haf to clean up the mess after that but shucks! worth it eh after all those sweet words. aw! i agree .. kids really love all these paintings stuff .... my kids love it too.

  3. mummy to qiqi,
    That sounds like fun!

    Messy but worthwhile to see their happy smiles and hear their excited laughter.


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