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Monday, November 19, 2007

More Mirror Image Painting: Mirror Image Twins

We've done mirror image painting before but this time we decided to do it with a little twist. After completing the mirror image painting (by painting and folding the picture into two to get a mirror image print) we continued to paint in or add some details to our picture. We did four paintings today.

Here is the first. Its our mirror image twins painting. First we drew a smiley face on one side then we folded the paper into two to get the same smiley on the other side, then we decorated the faces to make them look a little different.

This is my three year old's version of the mirror image twins painting. He did a nice blue smiley face at first then got carried dabbing brown blots all over his painting. Lol!

My girl wanted to paint a mirror image hearts, so I thought her to put different layers of colors to make a colorful heart. This will make a great Valentine's Day craft. After she painted the mirror image hearts and stars she wanted to write "I love you mummy" at the bottom of the page. Lol! I guess she was happy with me for doing the craft together with her. I always get happy hugs from her when we do crafts together.

Then she wanted to draw mirror image flowers in pink, her favourite color. After folding the paper and creating a mirror image of her flower she painted the sun and said "Mummy, I don't want to fold the paper any more because you can't have two suns!" Hahaha. I agreed with her solemnly. She also drew in the grass without folding the paper to get a mirror image.


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