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Friday, December 07, 2007

The oldest kid to enter kindy

Recently I took both the kids to a kindergarden open day to register the older one for kindy next year. She will be 6 next year. My other boy is 3 going to be 4 next year. When I looked around at all the other kids being registered, most of them look younger than my 3 year old!

It would seem that kids these days are entering kindergarden younger and younger. I was given the impression that 5 years old is now the norm (and that I was rather abnormal to let my kid stay at home till 6) but the kids I saw were not 5 years old. They were definitely younger. My kid was most definitely the oldest. There was no one near her age. Hahaha.

I'm not really bothered. I think my girl is ready for kindy now. She is excited about it and looking forward to it and we have discussions about it. Now if I were sending my 3 going on 4 boy, I wouldn't be able to have any discussions with him about it and I can forsee that he'd probably cry buckets. So he stays home with me for at least 1 or 2 more years.


  1. It's crazy, isn't it? At my kids' school, they have pre-k (I never had that) and you have to be 4 by dec 31st. We actually didn't have my son start until he was 4 going on 5 (With an October birthday). Some of these kids starting are 3! And I have to tell ya, MANY of the kids were crying when school started.

    My daughter was 4 when she started pre-k a couple of months ago, and with her turning 5 in January, she is right where she needs to be. My kids both love school (my son is now is Kindergarten and just turned 6) and I have a real problem with parents putting their kids into school too early. True, it should be a personal decision, and it should depend on the readiness of each child, but I sometimes think that parents are in a rush to put them in school - perhaps using it as some sort of daycare.

    I ponder this often as I watch these SMALL kids in my daughter's pre-k class.

    You are right on track with your daughter. She'll do great!

    (By the way, my 3 year old could make the cut-off for pre-k next fall, but with her JUST turning 4 next September, we are thinking of waiting to have her start.)

  2. mamalee,
    Kindergardens these days have become a convenient babysitter and childcare center. School ends at 11.45am but I was told by the principal that 90% of the kids stay till after lunch ie lunch is included in the package. Whatever happened to wholesome homemade lunches at home?

  3. no worries .. my girl is 5 next year and she's only going kindy next year.

  4. twin,
    I'm not worried and my girl is going to be 6 next year when she enters kindy for the first time. :) It is quite against "the norm" to have only one year kindergarden these days, I'm told.

  5. I thougth 4yrs old is the standard though..

    You are able to stay at home and home school your daugther, so I guess it's fine for her to go at 6yrs old. However most working mums are not able to do this, so they are sending the kids to school earlier. It's better than them staying at home idling and watching TV.

  6. btw, you may want to update my link on your site. I have already moved to my own site.. :)

  7. zara's mama,
    You are right about the fact that working mums may have no options but to send their 4 year olds to kindy but the kids are saw there looked younger than my 3 year old so I was surprised.

    Okiedokie. I will update it right now. BTW, you can add my personal link to yours too if you like. I update that blog more frequently than this now.

  8. ahh... that ease my mind. Kimberly went to kindy only last year at 6 years old when she came back to KL to live with me. Before she was living with her grandparents. I had dread the thought of sending Ashley but I think I can do well to send her only at age 5

  9. allthingspurple,
    I'm sure that when the time comes Ashley will be ready for it. :) BTW, Happy New Year to you and your family.

  10. Could it be due to kiasuness? Not sure if there is such a word...hehheh. I have been asked to send mine to the kindy next year but she's not even 3 :(

  11. Alycia my eldest girl went to kindy when she just turned 3 yo (she's a December child) and she joined the 4yo class. She kept falling sick (twice a month) till I had to pull her out. Our paed said her immune system is not fully developed yet to weather the virus picked up from her classmates. She then stayed home for 7 mths and I sent her back to school in Sept this year.

    As for Sherilyn my 2nd gal, I'm not too keen to send her to preschool next yr (which is just in a few days' time) when she will turn 3yo in Feb 08. But my hubs thinks she shd attend school coz she has shown great interest in going to school. I told hubs that I can teach her at home but he thinks she shd go to school. So next year, both my gals will go to school and that leaves me with more time with my newborn (due April).


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