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Monday, February 18, 2008

She loves Kindy

My girl loves kindy. Everyday when I ask her "How was school?" she usually replies with a smile "Its very nice." I only wish that things could stay this way when they go to Primary One. Boy, are we in for a culture shock when she goes to "Big School."

The shock of unsystematic parking and traffic jams when picking up kids after school, the heavy school bags, the either too lepak/too strict culture (whichever school you choose to go, there's no in between it seems) etc.

Oh well, we will enjoy it for a little while, while she is in Kindy and things are rosy. Her little brother misses her when she is away for half a day. He plays quietly by himself instead of running around playing and fighting with her either that or he enjoys playing with "her" toys while she is away and there is no one to fight with him over the PC games. :)

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