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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Preschool Germs leads to One Sick House

The girl has been sick the whole week. It started with a fever on last Tuesday night. At the time she was still on antibiotics for a swollen eye and a bad lingering cough. As it turned out, the swollen eye was due to her scratching rather than a bacterial infection but the antibiotics was for her lingering cough.

So I was surprised when she got a fever halfway through taking the antibiotics. The fever wouldn't come down. High low high low, it went. No other symptoms. Just the high fever. So back to the doc we went. It would seen like we are seeing the doc every week! Doc increased her fever med dosage to 10ml. The teacher said that many of the kids have been at school with high fevers. One kid was hospitalised for pneumonia.

Doc said it was a viral infection, so she just gave us more fever and cough medicine. No antibiotics. She said not to worry. Her lungs sounds clear so its not pneumonia and she doesn't think its dengue either. She said if its dengue the child will be very lethargic and spots or rashes will appear after 3-4 days.

The girl is back in school now but I think I'm sick now. My back was hurting so bad, the night before last and yesterday I had severe gastric pains and a slight fever. Blergh!

So here we go again, round and round the sick (un)merry go round. Our house or rather the occupants have been sick for months. One after another after another...... When you've got a kid in preschool, this is what you should expect...... Oh! I hate preschool germs! Grrrrrr!

Updated: The boy developed a fever a day after this post was written. :(


  1. i absolutely agree with you..one way to minimise the germs would be to have all the family members wash their hands and feet everytime they step into the house...and i dont allow my hubby to hop onto the bed before he changes his going out clothes to home clothes :)

  2. contentedmom,
    Yes, making sure that everyone washes their hands and feet everytime they step in the house is a good practise. I must remember to do that as I tend to forget when I am busy.

  3. Oh, I hate it too but it's so difficult to avoid. Get well soon, MG

  4. it's bad to hear that. i experienced the suffering of getting sick one after one in the house for few months. it was really terrible days. medicine all the time. u better take good care. sleep more, and eat healthily. try to avoid oily food ya. yes, drink more water too. take care.

  5. Yes,
    I also hate to all 'preschool's germs'. hehe...But what can I do? Now I feed my kids with Stimuno - kind of vit to strengthen their immunes system- So far..it helps!

  6. jo-n,
    Yes, its really hard to avoid. My gastric pains is better now and my girl is recovering and I hope that my boy won't come down with it too cos he is younger and it'll hit him harder.

    mummy in vain,
    Yes, we have spent so much on doctor's visit and medicine.

    The worse part of preschool germs is when it gets passed around the house!

  7. i am one of those my dr always scolds when i ask for antibiotics. she doesnt agree with antibiotic unless it is absolutely necessary. how tokeep totally clean when the kid is playing with his mates. the last thing on the mind is cleanliness :)

  8. shu yan's been getting the persistent flu bug as well, fever, cough and cold and she just started preschool a mth ago. contagious as it goes in a round grandma, maid, sis, me and back to her!


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