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Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Craft for kids - Santa's Reindeer Art

Here's another very easy Christmas Craft for young kids. I got the instructions for doing this Santa's Reindeer Handprint Art from AllFreeCrafts.com.

I love this one because it is a good one for keepsakes since it uses the children's handprints and footprints. We can look back later and laugh at how small their hands and feet used to be.

We trace the children's hands for the reindeer's ears and one of their feet for the reindeer's face. We drew the eyes on white paper and cut it out. The we pasted everything on white paper.

To finish off, we drew in the eyebrows, eyelashes (which my girl wanted to add for hers), nose and mouth.

Then we cut out some paper snowflakes and added them in as decoration. My girl wanted her reindeer to "wear" the snowflake in its antlers like a flower.

They later added their names proudly to their Christmas Art. It is a very lovely way to tell them that Christmas is coming soon and to let them feel the excitement of the festive holidays. After they finished their art they took out their Santa's Reindeer storybook (which they received a few years ago as a Christmas present) to read.

Here are Reindeer's Santa created by my girl and my boy. No prizes for the correct guess on which one belongs to the girl and which one the boy.

My girl commented that her reindeer can't be called Rudolf because Rudolf is a boy and hers is a girl. :)

This Children's Christmas Art is very simple. It was done by my 7 year old girl and my 5 year old boy. Naturally the boy required more help but the girl was able to do hers quite independantly... accept for the snowflakes which is harder to cut for little hands.


  1. hands can be hair..not bad

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. great project! I think you all three must be busy preparing Christmas in school holiday. Enjoy :D

  3. you are such a rajin mother, doing all sorts of activities with your kids, I'm so lazy...let her watch tv, play computer games, read books, practise music, that's all!

  4. very very nice. ur girl's so hilarious. very creative too. :)

  5. SJ,
    Its antlers, not hair. Hehe.

    We're just basically doing crafts which they love, not really preparing for anything.

    You call that lazy? That sounds like a lot too.

    I told her that she is getting very creative when I saw her arranging her snowflake around and suggesting that we put in a mouth (the original art instruction does not have one) and she said that is why when teacher said what do you want to be when you grow up, I said "Artist". lol.

  6. That sounds so fun and so creative..


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