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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After school tuition hours

Yesterday, I received a call from one of the tuition centres that my daughter’s classmate attends. Her friend had given my telephone number to the tuition centre because she wants my daughter to attend the same tuition class as her very much.

Anyway, just out of interest, I asked her about the tuition hours. I forgot to ask her about the tuition fees as it would be interesting to find out.

She told me that she was the teacher for the Std 3 tuition and they had 3 sessions. They were:

  1. 5.30pm to 7pm
  2. 7pm to 8.30pm
  3. 8.30pm to 10pm

Gosh! These hours are rather late for a child (unless they are attending afternoon session school). They should really be having dinner and preparing for bed by then, not attending tuition!


  1. You're right..about the tuition schedule. I guess that is one of the things that is holding me back from putting my son for his BM & Mandarin tuition. Not sure if I am being overprotective but am in a dilemma. His BM and Mandarin have suffered and at the same time I can't bring myself to put him for classes at those hours.

  2. WMD,
    My girl attends the after school tuition for Chinese provided by the school but she thinks it is quite useless as all they do is work on an extra workbook. I'm thinking of pulling her out of the class because these things are so time consumming. The kids have so little time as it is.

  3. At my place, more of the tuition session is 2 hours. Session 1 and 2 should be fine, only session 3 is a bit late for morning school students.

  4. These hours are also very rush for afternoon session. We experienced it with our Gold Medal Slow daughter. It was such a mad rush (quickily bath, quickily eat, walk faster ....) that we decided to cancel all extra classes at nite during the weekdays...*phew*

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  6. Sheoh Yan,
    I find session 2 a bit late as well because we get usually ready for bed around 8 to 8.30pm.

    Better to relax, take it easy, close one eye, don't worry rather


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