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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Travelling To Batu Caves With Kids

We went to Batu Caves during the September school holidays. It is almost the December school holidays now and I haven't put this post up! This post is for parents who wish to travel to Batu Caves with kids. Batu Caves is a popular Hindu temple and tourist destination in Malaysia. The temple is built around limestone caves which you can climb up to on its 272 steps.

We had not been to Batu Caves in years before this and this is the first time the kids aged 10 and 12 are visiting Batu Caves. We wanted to take them there because they read and study about it in their school books. So it is an educational visit for them too.

There is no entrance fee for the main cave. However, a fee is charged for a visit to another cave located at the foot of the mountain.

Tips for parents travelling with kids: If you are planning to visit Batu Caves during the school holidays, make sure that you are fit for climbing.  This is especially if you have younger kids who may be tired from the long climb up or if you have grandpa or grandma coming along too. Make sure you are fit if you have younger kids whom you may need to carry up. Make sure that the elderly are fit too. My kids aged 10 and 12 are just the right age. I think they enjoyed the trip and it was educational for them. They also had no trouble climbing up the stairs going way ahead of me while I was panting with my heart racing and palpitating! I really need more exercise. I saw more elderly persons going up the stairs with less trouble than me!

This is the main entrance to the caves with 272 steps leading to the main cave

Batu Caves is an old limestone cave around 400 million years old!

You will have lots of pigeons and monkeys for company when you climb the steps

The kids managed to feed some fish. This fish pond is located in the paid area at the bottom of the main cave.

We were also treated to some lively Indian dance and music

The top of the lower cave is lighted up with lights of various colors.

The 3 wise monkeys - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

More lights from the lower cave (the part which charges a fee)

More Information About Batu Caves

  • Read more about the history of Batu Caves and the celebrations at Batu Caves here.
  • Read Reviews on Batu Caves from TripAdvisor here.
  • Have a virtual tour of Batu Caves by watching this video on Batu Caves
  • Finally, you can find a Batu Caves map below to help you to find you way there. The car park is nice and big to cater to the times when they have a huge crowd during Thaipusam.

How Many Steps Does Batu Caves Have? Answer: 272 Steps.


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