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Monday, October 26, 2015

School Parties Food Ideas

This post is for Malaysian moms with school going kids who would probably have to plan what types of food to make for their kids to bring to school for their year-end school parties around this time of the year.

Home made individually wrapped choc and almond muffins
posted with permission of one of the moms in  my FB group

School Parties Food Ideas For Malaysian Mothers

  1. Fried Rice
  2. Fried Mee/ Mee Hoon
  3. Fried Koay Teow
  4. Sandwiches
  5. Cake
  6. Muffins
  7. Cupcake
  8. Curry Puff
  9. Fried Chicken
  10. Cookies
  11. Nuggets
  12. Sausages
  13. Doughnuts
  14. Fruits
  15. Jelly
  16. French Fries
  17. Hash Browns
  18. Meat Ball/Fish Ball
  19. Snacks
  20. Packet Drinks eg Ribena/Chrysanthemum with straw

In other words lots of finger food, individually wrapped and home-made if you are up to it just like the one you see in the picture, made with so much love and makes things so much easier for the kids. If you can get your child to help in preparing the food, even better! As the mummy who made the red eggs packages below said, "these takeaways form memories besides filling their tummies and yes, never forget the teacher and the general helpers too."

In my list you will notice some unhealthy food but then hey, its a kid's party and it is only once a year. So, I'm inclined to close one eye to that just once. 

Another example of party food prepared by a member of my FB group shared with permission.
Red eggs for her child, who was celebrating her birthday on school party day with her classmates.

How Much Food To Make

Many Malaysian classes have around 40 students plus and minus depending on the school or area. So do you make one for each child? 

Let's see. If your child's class has 45 students and all 45 sets of parents make 45 of everything for the child to bring to school, there would be a lot of excess and wastage. 

So as a general guide, for things like fried noodles, fried rice etc, make 1/2 or quarter. For smaller finger foods, it is okay to make one each for everyone but no issue if you were to half the portions because you know what, you may have many kids bringing in the same food stuff so everyone will get their share. So in a class of 45, you can bring 20 or even a dozen and you do not have to worry that your food isn't enough to go round.

Some teachers will plan ahead and draw up a food list, then get a show of hands to see who will bring what and request your child to bring foods that has  been "assigned" for him to bring. That certainly makes things a lot easier. If not, just remember the rule, half the big portions and it is ok to bring one each for small items. 

How Much To Spend On The Food

It really depends on your budget. Some parents will go all out and order a happy meal for each and every child. As a general guideline, some parents feel that RM1/child is fine. This decision is personal and depends on you.

Advice For Your Child

Usually there will be excess food and teacher will advice your child to bring some food containers to bring home some food. 
  • Teach your child to separate the foods properly so they won't spoil. This will avoid food from going bad when they mix all the foods in one container, fruits, cake, rice, jelly, all mixed together!
  • Teach your child to avoid drinking yogurt drinks that have been left un-refrigerated for hours.
  • If you are concerned about unhealthy food, then teach your child to choose healthy foods.
  • When it comes to snacks or junk food, teach your child to check the expiry dates before eating.
Have a great party!

For your child, school parties will be something he looks forward to after all the time spent studying and getting his results so a little effort will make your little one happy.


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