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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

5 Easy Diwali Crafts For Kids Ideas

Henna Hands Craft
Trying out the Henna Hands Craft

Deepavali or Diwali as it is known in many parts of the world is coming soon. Time to get crafting with the kids. Here are some really easy and quick Diwali crafts for kids. In fact, these craft ideas are good for anytime and anyone, not only for Diwali.

1. Easy hand print peacock. I saw this on pinterest and immediately fell in love with it. It is so easy to make and the results are really adorable. Mine didn't look half as good as some of those on pinterest did because I took only minutes to do it for the purpose of illustrating this post. Just ask your child to draw a hand print and decorate. You can use water colours, glitters, real feathers, anything you fancy. Older kids can try with more fancy materials. Younger kids can do what I did which is using highlighter and sharpies.

Hand print peacock
Trying out the hand print peacock

2. Easy Handmade cards for Diwali for kids to make and give away or to decorate your home for Diwali. This handmade card idea is from Whatscookingmom. You can browse her blog for more easy home made card ideas. They are very good ideas and very easy for kids to make. You can do these as a last minute Deepavali craft. All you need are paper and for decoration, you can use shiny, glitter paper, glitter glue and lots of creativity.

Easy Homemade Diwali Card For Kids
Homemade Diwali Card Idea

3. Henna Hands - Here is another really easy but beautiful art for Diwali using hand print again. You can get kids to draw the outline of their hand print, then cut it out and decorate. Found this one on Thomas Elementary Art. Really amazing and so easy and quick. I love this one!

Henna Hands and easy art using hand print
Henna Hands - An easy art using hand print

4. Paper Flowers Garland Craft For Kids by A Creative Project. Get the instructions from the link. This craft for children is not only fun, it helps you save on having to buy decoration as they double up as a nice home decoration idea for Diwali too. I like how this blogger alternated between flower and leaves for her garland. Very pretty craft indeed.

Paper Flowers Garland Craft For Kids
Paper Flowers Garland Craft For Kids

4. Diwali is the festival of lights so no craft project would be complete without a lamp or two. Here is one very delightful paper plate Diwali lamp craft for kids from Urvi's World: Child Art and Imagination. This paper lamp craft idea is really easy and quick and can be done by very young children. 

Diwali Paper Lamp Craft For Kids
Diwali Paper Lamp Craft For Kids

5. Paper plate Rangoli or Kolam Craft Idea. Here are some free printable Rangoli Designs for kids to color from Best Coloring Pages For Kids. You can either print them out as they are to color or alternatively, why not get your children to draw out the design on a paper plate and decorate it in any way they like to make an instant mini kolam or rangoli.

Rangoli Design For Kids
Rangoli Design For Kids
I hope you like this selection of craft ideas which took us a lot of time to find and compile. These craft ideas are great for anyone, not only those who are celebrating it. In fact, it can be used as a lesson plan to teach children about culture and the Diwali celebrations. 

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