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Monday, August 15, 2016

Coding Classes For Kids In Kuala Lumpur

In 2015, a centre specializing in computer programming for kids & teens was opened in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Coding is a whole new area in education that is catching on very quickly in other countries like Estonia, Singapore, England, Spain, and many others believe that this is so important that they already started putting this program in the children’s curriculum. Unfortunately, we are lagging in this area.

Are you looking for coding classes for kids & teens in Kuala Lumpur?

Currently, there are not that many enrichment centres offering coding for kids & teens in a structured and modular approach and mostly offer short ad hoc courses only. However, recently we found one centre which offers comprehensive computer science classes combined with Math and Science for kids & teens.

Located at Solaris, Mont Kiara, KidoCode offers courses in Python programming, Electronics & Robotics, Mobile App Development, Game Development, Web Development, and activities that equip logical, analytical, and computational thinking skills to kids age 6 to 18.

KidoCode Courses for Kids & Teens
Children will get to learn different courses in computer programming like:
Python Programming in Math where students will learn how to write Python codes combined with IGCSE and IB Mathematics and a very child-friendly manner.
Students will also be able to create hands-on activities in Mobile App Development using the MIT App Inventor and be able to create their own applications.
Electronics & Robotics will provide skills by using Arduino and be familiar with different sensors, how they work, and program it.
If your kids are keen to developing their own website, then Web Development is for them where they will learn how to write HTML codes, be creative in designing, and know how this can be published for the world to see.
Students are encouraged to stop playing games and create their own games in Game Development.

Flexitime, Dynamic, and Individualized Learning for Parents' Convenience

Students will learn and consume Hours of Code (HoC) training at their convenience. KidoCode is open from 10am to 10pm from Monday to Sunday. You can choose to drop by at any time that is convenient for you within the opening hours. One hour, half a day, or whole day? It is up to you! You can set your own date or time to fit your child's schedule.

A K-Box containing all the materials needed throughout the course will be provided to students who will register under the Starter Pack. This box includes a smart phone modified for educational purposes, a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Breadboard, an electronic kit with wires, sensors, and LEDs, and other KidoCode merchandises. The students will get to build 3-6 mobile applications, assemble 3-6 electronics projects, learn to write codes in Python programming, create their own website, and more!

Students can access to their own account in the K-Portal while being guided by a team of personal trainers that include expert software developers and university lecturers. All students and parents also have remote access to the student portal so they can continue to work on their assignments at home too.

Everybody will have the opportunity to enhance their talent through their creativity in different hands on activities, meet other children with the same passion and interest in various group activities, and boost their confidence by having presentation skills.

The learning environment in KidoCode is like a home away from home. Children can learn at their own pace and have a break at any time for a rest or snack at the cozy K-Cafe. Parents have a warm and welcoming place to wait for their kids too. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual, and perfect for out-of-the-box learning experience.

KidoCode is offering a 3-Hour FREE Trial Class for everybody who wants to have a glimpse of the courses and the system. During the Free Trial Class, they will get to learn the introduction to computer science, have activities that will test their logical and analytical thinking, try writing Python codes flavored with Math, understand Electronics, and even create their very first mobile application! So register now at to schedule your own trial class.

KidoCode is located at
Suite L-2-3A, Solaris Mont Kiara,
Jalan Solaris, Off Jalan Duta Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Nos:
Facebook: KidoCode
Instagram: KidoCode

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