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Monday, July 03, 2017

Tugasan Geografi PT3 2017 (Geography Assignment for PT3 2017)

It's back to school after the Hari Raya Holidays today and back to work for the Form 3 students who are sitting for PT3 this year, 2017. Today, the Form 3 students received their Geography Assignment for PT3 2017 (Tugasan Geografi or Kerja Kursus Geografi PT3). 

The "Tugasan" (Assignment) is as shown above and translated below. The rest of the post is written in both languages English and Bahasa Malaysia.

This year for the geography project, the PT3 students are required to sketch out a topograpic map of either their residential or school location. According to wikipedia, a topograpic map is "a type of map characterized by large-scale detail and quantitative representation of relief, usually using contour lines, but historically using a variety of methods. Traditional definitions require a topographic map to show both natural and man-made features."

The topographic map for this assignment is to include physical or natural characteristics as well as man-made features. 

In addition to sketching out the maps, students are required to interpret it by shading and describing areas that have potential for development, the obstacles for development and come up with proposals and efforts that may be required to overcome those obstacles.

Finally students are required to present the results of their report.

Below is a screenshot of the KL Topograpic map taken from google search just to give you an idea of how a topographic map should look like. The map below shows physical features but not man made ones.

Below are some sites that have sample answers or tips for the Geografi Assignment for PT3 2017. (It will be updated as more sites put up their samples so favourite this page for your easy reference)

Geography is 100 percent project based. There is no paper to sit for in PT3, only completion of this assignment within the given time frame is required. The assignment was given out today (3rd July 2017). Expected date of completion is 31st July 2017.


  1. Anak dan kawan2nya semua pening tak tau nak start macamana.. susah dibandingkan dengan pt3 geo sebelum ni

    1. Ya kan, memang pening. Jangan bimbang. Cikgu akan memberi bimbingan. :)

    2. cigu pon tak berapa faham :P

    3. Cikgu, murid-murid dan ibu-bapa semua pening. Haha Tapi boleh lah juga. Sampai akhir bulan, semua akan siap tugasan. :)

    4. saya dah buntu dah buat geo ni saya calon pt3 haih nak fade up pun ada :'(

  2. how to narrate the interview session


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