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Friday, November 12, 2021

School Uniforms Official Stores in Shopee

Nowadays, you can buy everything online, including school uniforms. Many school uniform brands and school uniform companies have set up official stores online. In fact we are quite spoilt for choice because there are many school uniform brands and school uniform stores online.

The pandemic has taught us to shop online and it is not all that hard. In fact, it is a whole lot more convenient. However, the thing about shopping for uniforms is the fit. So make sure you measure according to the measuring instructions at the store. Do not skip this step. In addition, you must read the store reviews. Reviews are very important to know if the store sends quality goods on time. 

Below are some school uniform brands official stores we found on shopee.

School Uniform Official Stores

1. Canggih Malaysia Official Store

You can find Canggih school uniform in departmental stores like Aeon or Tesco. Now you can find them online at Shopee.

2. Professor Uniform Official Store

Professor is a homegrown brand worn by generations of Malaysian parents and school-going children. It was established in 1982 by a family of tailors dedicated to making school attire using quality materials and skilled workmanship. 

3. Swan Bag

The name may be Swan "Bag" but the Swan boutique shops now sell everything from bags to school uniforms to stationery for toddlers to primary school, secondary school right up to college. The brand has been established since 1951. 

4. Outpost Uniform Official Store

Outpost Uniform has over 50 years of manufacturing and retail experience in the school uniform industry. You can also find extra-curricular school uniforms at Outpost.

5. Dexwin School Uniform

The interesting thing about Dexwin is it has a 2-in-1 single piece primary school girl's pinafore. Some parents prefer that for their girl's because it is convenient and not so warm in our hot weather. It is best to check with your school if this is allowed before you purchase.

6. Hari Hari

Other than school uniforms Hari-Hari also sells singlet, socks and innerwear including some clothing for mom and dad.

7. Tung-E Official

This  one-stop store for student uniforms & accessories is based in Kota Kinabalu.

8. Comfort Shop Muar

Based in Muar, this online store sells Wizuka brand school uniforms.

9. PHD Uniform

PHD SCHOOL UNIFORM is an online store which sells various types of school uniform. Phd Marketing Sdn Bhd was established in 2003 but has been manufacturing and supply school uniform for wholesalers and retailers in Klang Valley SINCE 1970 under the of name of POW HEONG.

School Uniform Stores

Below are a couple of school uniform stores which sells multiple brands unlike the official brand stores above.

10. Uniform Pelangi

Uniform Pelangi is a school uniform store which sells multiple brands like Falcon and Dexwin. They also sell extra co-curricular uniforms for red crescent, scouts etc and the badges and emblems that come with the uniforms. 

11. NMT Shopee Online Store

NMT  mainly sells school uniforms for students, uniform groups, school bags, school shoes, industrial clothes, and cargo pants. NMT sells Matari and Falcon brand uniforms. These brands have uniforms made from kobishi material. Kobishi fabric is a type of lightweight material that is good for summer. 

If you are looking for wrinkle free school uniforms, check out our previous post on wrinkle free school uniforms from Thomtex. You can purchase them online from the stores website here

Now, if you prefer to shop at Lazada, you can go to Lazada and then search for "brandname school uniform". Replace "brandname" with any of the brands you see from this article to see if they are also on Lazada.

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