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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How Parents Can Get More Involved Under The Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025

Education Blueprint Here To Stay
One of the first things the new minister of education, Dr Maszlee Malik has pointed out when he first took office is that the Education Blueprint 2013-2025 will proceed as planned, with periodic mid-term reviews on all activities and programmes.

About the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025. 

The Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 was formed to evaluate the performance of Malaysia's current education system against international benchmarks. It offers future visions of the Malaysian education system, with proposed strategic and operational shifts required to achieve this vision. One of its aims is to raise Malaysian students to an international education standard, and prepare Malaysian children for challenges of the 21st century.

PADU (the Education Performance and Delivery Unit) was established to facilitate, support, and deliver the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025. One of its functions is to ensure that the initiatives mapped out by the Malaysia Education Blueprint is run smoothly and efficiently.

In this post, we will talk about initiative #62.

Initiative #62 of the Blueprint: 
Expanding Parental and Community Involvement in the School Ecosystem.

Initiative #62 is about parental involvement. We can make a difference in our children's educational outcomes and reduce behavioral problems by being more involved.

Our children spend two thirds of their day with us. If we don't help and support them, who will?

How Can We Help Our Children?
  • We can help to foster 21st century learning skills, foccussing less on our children's grades and encourage co-curricular activities
  • We can help our kids master English by speaking English to our children and playing English radio stations at home
  • We can get our kids interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) by bringing our children to scientific institutions and involving our children in STEM extracurricular activities
  • We can encourage our children to be digitally literate by exposing them to MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and accessing and tracking their work portfolio
  • We can provide full support to our children by communicating with them, interacting with them and creating a conducive home learning environment

Where To Get Information To Help Us Support Our Children

1. Download the "Buku Pelibatan Ibu Bapa"

This booklet describes the role parents can play in supporting children in parallel with the 6 Student Aspirations under the Malaysian Education Blueprint (2013-2025). It explains the various initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry of Education in improving the success of students such as 21st Century Learning, STEM and the development of student values.

The book further explains how we can support our children in academics, literacy, numeracy and in overall lifelong learning. It includes ways we can help our kids develop HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) readiness, Dual Language flair and leadership skills including soft skills like social ethics and civic consciousness.

Finally, this book also guides parents to overcome the challenges in shaping our children. Through this "Buku Pelibatan Ibu Bapa", the Ministry of Education hopes that parents can understand their role and assist the ministry in pursuit of an excellent next generation.

2. Like the PIBK Facebook Page (PIBK = Pelibatan Ibu Bapa Dan Komuniti)

The PIBK Facebook page is a page newly set up and run by PADU. It will post initiatives, free course information and dates, website links including MOOCs and other useful information to help parents support their children. When you like the page you will automatically receive updates whenever the page publishes new posts.

3. Join our Facebook Groups To Network With Other Parents

More About STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

You will notice that we mentioned STEM more than once in this post. STEM Education is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The study of STEM collectively is a new approach to learning. Explore the infographic below to find out how you can play a role in your child's STEM Education.

We are very excited that parental involvement is encouraged more than ever now. Are you?


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