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Monday, July 23, 2018

Complete List of DLP Schools in Selangor

One of our biggest pet peeve is the difficulty in finding a proper list of all the schools doing the DLP (Dual Language Programme) including which school is doing it school wide and which school is doing it for selective classes only. We are into the 3rd year of DLP now and yet, this list is illusive.

One of the FAQs in our groups, the Malaysia Primary School Parents on Facebook and the Malaysia Secondary School Parent on Facebook is on DLP with the following question topping the list.

"Is ABC School doing the DLP?" 

If you go to the MOE website to search for "DLP" you will find the first list ie the 2016 list.

We compiled the 2016 and 2017 list for parents who asked, after digging very hard online. Finally, we managed to get the 2016 list from the MOE website and the 2017 list from the PPD Pasir Gudang site. The 2018 list remained a mystery for some time till a member shared it in our group. It came from a parents whatsapp group.

As the list is not cumulative, you need to look at all 3 if you wish to know which are the schools approved for DLP near you. Since parents obviously want to know this information when trying to decide for a school for their child whether in primary or secondary school, it would have been good to have a complete list available.

However, recently we discovered that there is such a list available for schools in Selangor from the Portal Jabatan Pendidikan Selangor.

Parents in Selangor who wish to find out the complete list of DLP Schools in Selangor can click on the link below to download the complete list of primary and secondary schools in Selangor approved to run the DLP (Dual Language Programme) for teaching Math and Science in English.

There are two lists available ie the primary school and secondary school list. The list is complete. It includes schools approved since the start of the DLP programme with the year shown next to the school name so you will know how long the school has been running the DLP.

Complete List of DLP Primary Schools in Selangor
Complete List of DLP Secondary Schools In Selangor

Credit: The above is from Portal Jabatan Pendidikan Selangor

For schools in all other states, you can check the lists below. Unlike the above, the lists below are non-cumulative. You need to view all lists to get the complete information.

3. Third Cohort (2018) List (This list was shared by a parent from our FB group) * You will only be able to visit this link if you are a member of the group.

1. No SJKC is running the DLP
2. All 76 SMJK is approved to run the DLP

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