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Thursday, July 26, 2018

10 Pencil Selection And Handwriting Tips For UPSR Candidates

When Is USPR 2018?

UPSR 2018 is just round the corner. It will be held on  20, 24-27 September 2018. You can get the full UPSR 2018 schedule and examination guidelines from the official portal of the Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia.

One of the most important preparation you need to do for your UPSR test is to get the right pencil for your exam. We have compiled 10 Tips to help you choose the right pencil for your UPSR exam below. These tips can be used for school term tests too.

1. Use The Right Pencil For Multiple Choice Or Objective Questions

Below is the screenshot of the exam guidelines or directive on pencils required for the UPSR exam. "Use only 2B or BB pencils"

Make sure you use the right pencil as prescribed in the exam guidelines. Avoid pressing on your pencil too hard or making holes on the answer sheet.

2. Use A Pencil That Can Give Wide Coverage For Fast Shading

When answering objective questions, make sure you shade the entire space. More importantly make sure you shade the right space. Sometimes candidates get the correct answer on the question paper but make a mistake of shading the wrong space when transferring their answers to the answer sheet.

3. Get A Pencil With Better Smudge Resistance For Cleaner Handwriting

In recent years, the introduction of HOTS questions and the newer UPSR format has seen a move towards more subjective questions which require a lot of writing. This is true for all of the subjects including the language papers.

It is important to get a better smudge resistance pencil to achieve cleaner, clearer handwriting. For example, the candidate below has nice handwriting but it is hard to read due to the smudge which makes the writing look thick and unclear.

4. Choose An Ideal Exam Lead Grade Pencil For Longer-Lasting Fine Writing

When writing English Essays, BM Karangan, or 作文, it is important to get exam grade writing pencils that won't become blunt easily compared to normal pencils. You want to keep writing, not sharpening or changing pencils which can be distracting and make you lose your train of thoughts

Here are some common handwriting mistakes to avoid during essay writing.

Wordings too close together 

Writing too small and alphabets too close together

5. Choose A Long Lasting Pencil With Strong Tips That Won't Break Easily 

It is important to get a pencil that does not break easily and last longer. As time is of the essence, you do not want to spend your time sharpening pencils during the exam. However, just in case, you should also make sure you have a few spare pencils at hand. Inspect and sharpen the pencils the night before the exam.

Tip Strength Test: Do the lead wear test by using your pencil during your trial examinations and school tests. Don't wait till your UPSR exam to use it.

6. Don't Forget To Do An Eraser Smudge Test

Good pencils should not leave a smudge or dark mark when you erase.

Smudge Test: Test your pencils out by writing your homework or school essays and erasing as you normally do. It is a good idea to do this test before and not at the exam hall.

7. Choose A Pencil With A Comfortable Grip

Does your pencil give you a comfortable grip?

Comfort test: Remember to get used to the grip by using your pencil before your test. Practice using your pencil during school tests or homework to get used to it. Do you feel comfortable or do your fingers hurt after using the pencil for some time.

8. The Outer Wood Should Be Smooth And Not Brittle

Good quality pencils should be smooth and not splinter easily when sharpening.

9. Use A Transparent Pencil Case For Your Pencils

The last tip is an exam tip rather than a tip on choosing pencils. During UPSR, candidates are not allowed to bring in their normal pencil cases. Pencil cases need to be transparent or see-through. It is allowed to tie the pencils and other stationery together using a rubber band.

10. The Importance Of  Clear Handwriting Should Not Be Underestimated

Make sure your script is legible. When the examiner has to mark hundreds of papers, clean, clear handwriting really stands out and makes it easier for the examiner to read and award points. Make sure you write neatly and evenly spaced out.

Good Luck to all UPSR 2018 Candidates!

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