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Friday, August 17, 2018

What School Bag To Buy For Children Starting School In 2019

Every  year without fail we have parents talking about school bags! What brand of bag to buy? What type of bag to buy? When to buy a school bag? Trolley bag vs backpack. Size of school bag, weight of school bags. How many school bags. You name it. We talk about everything. The discussion usually starts around October to December.

However, this year I noticed the discussion has started much earlier ie in August! Perhaps it is because we will have a huge intake next year with dragon babies starting school in 2019! Due to the high demand for discussion, we are starting our 2019 school bag discussion thread earlier this year.

It is our dream to see happy kids with light loads like this. We even did a day to day measurement of our children's loads to compare weights and many parents even came up with novel ideas to lighten the load including "dissecting" the textbook into many parts.

Hopefully, in 2019, we will no longer see scenes like this. Subject periods have been reduced to no more than 3 a day in an attempt to reduce the load.

Hopefully, kids will also not be required to carry so many bags to school next year. This is something many children had to do to distribute the weight. Sometimes, when they have to carry extra co-curricular uniforms, projects, artwork etc to school along with their few bags, they look like they are going to an outstation trip!
Anyway, though we always have lots to say about bags, we will stop here and let the parents take over on the school bags 2019 discussion thread. Feel free to join us. If you are not a member of our group, apply now to join and network with 28000 parents.

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