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Monday, October 22, 2018

School Bags Guideline for Schools, Teachers, Students and Parents

School Bags Guideline for schools, teachers, students and parents

The Ministry of Education recently issued a handout dated 12 September 2018 on the guidelines to address the issue of  heavy bag problems in school.  The guideline covers guidelines for school, teachers, students and parents.

Guideline for school

1. Arrange school time table to 3-4 subjects per day

2. Encourage modular teaching in line with 21st century learning so that assessment activities can be completed in school and homework reduced

3. Create a locker system if possible for storing books and other stuff. Only books requiring homework is taken home.

4. Have regular two-way meetings with PIBG to discuss and resolve the heavy bag problem.

5. School can arrange to have free drinking water so that students do not have to bring water tumbler (subject to agreements between school and canteen operator)

6. Can consider special tables with locker facilities as an alternative to lockers that are kept outside the classroom.

7. Check the weight of students' bags regularly.

Guideline for teachers

1. Give clear instructions to students on the books/items that are required to be brought to school for the next day.

2. Minimize the number of exercise books per subject (for Upper Primary students).

3. Advice students to bring books and items according to time table.

4. Plan lessons according to 21st century learning styles. It is recommended to complete all lessons in class and if unable to complete, activities or exercises should be carried forward to the next lesson.

5. Encourage students to keep books and other items in lockers or cabinets if provided by the school.

Provide guidance to students

1. Advice and guide students to bring textbooks and activity books according to time table.

2. Advice and guide students to bring only essential items that are required for learning in school.

3. Advice and guide students to do daily checking and arranging of books and other items required for learning in school.

4. Advice and guide students to keep books and other learning items not required for homework in the school locker/cabinet (if provided by the school)

5. Roller bags are discouraged because the weight and use of the bag may create problems for the shoulders.

Recommendations to parents and guardians

1. Provide appropriate school bags

2. Encourage and guide children to pack school bags according to school time table

3. Get your child into the habit of doing daily checking and sorting of school bags

4. Avoid children from carrying thick and heavy books (exercise books/comics/reference books)

5. Teach your child to put down their bags while waiting for transporter, during assembly etc.

6. Once a week, remove irrelevant items and books, pieces of paper etc from school bag and sharpen pencils etc.

The above is a translation of the guidelines that was issued on 12 September 2018 by the MOE.

Download the full set of guidelines from the MOE official website from this page. Look for the link that says

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