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Monday, December 10, 2018

Choosing the Right STABILO Swans Colored Pencils for Your Child

This post was brought to you by STABILO. STABILO Swans Colored Pencils Simply the Safer Choice

How to Choose the Right Colour Pencils

Parents are spoiled for choice these days because there are so many types of colour pencils available. Gone are the days when we go to a stationery shop to pick up a simple 12-colour set of colour pencils and that was it as far as shopping for colour pencils is concerned.

So how do we choose? What types of colour pencils are available? Which one is the most suitable colour pencil for your child?

Criteria for Choosing Colour Pencils

The most important criteria is safety. Worrying about own children is a natural reaction to being a parent especially when product safety has becoming a great concern within the community. It is crucial for parents today to be able to ensure that products or brands they choose for their children are safe and reliable.

The most common stationery children come into contact with during their learning process is wooden colored pencils. The quality of these color pencils, especially the safety of the pigments used, is the main factor that parents should insist on to ensure their children enjoy learning in a safe environment.

STABILO is deeply aware of the importance of product safety, and its colored pencils are subject to rigorous testing. STABILO Swans colored pencils range are in full compliance with the stringent European standards (EN71-1 to EN71-3) on Safety of Toys. STABILO is definitely a safer choice. 

Types of Colour Pencils by STABILO 

While strictly adhere to the compliance with safety standards, STABILO has developed 3 ranges of colored pencil which cater for children of different ages. 

1. STABILO Swans Jumbo Colored Pencil is designed specifically for children with small hands so that they can hold the pencils comfortably and color smoothly. Perfect grip of the jumbo size pencil allows children to color faster and eventually sustain their interests in coloring without getting tired easily. Since it is common for children to drop their pencils frequently, thicker lead is intended to prevent breakage.

2. STABILO Swans Colored Pencil is made of color rich formula, thus provides vivid and bright coloring effect that can attract school children’s attention to explore and stimulate their creativity. High quality lead with minimum lead flakes makes coloring activity entertaining without getting annoyed by undesirable flakes.

Breaking news! Unleash Your Child's Imagination with the New Dazzling Neon and Metallic Colors 

Fantastic news to color lovers! Neon and Metallic color pencils are now included in the new set of STABILO Swans Colored Pencil. As an extension of  Swans Colored Pencils, while high qualities remained, Neon & Metallic colors further optimize STABILO color palette and serve as the latest shining stars!

What’s special about Swans with NEON & METALLIC colored pencil?

(i) Up to 6 NEON & 6 METALLIC colors are available

(ii) Formulated for vivid, bright and vibrant coloring effect

(iii) High standard coloring pencil allows smooth coloring

(iv) Quality wood for easy sharpening

(v) High quality lead with minimum lead flakes

With the newly added Neon and Metallic color, along with the standard basic colors available, you can unleash your child's imagination and artistic talent instantly. Pamper your child with a new set of STABILO Swans Colored Pencil that consists of extraordinary Neon and Metallic colors to upgrade their coloring power and imagination to be nearly limitless. Parents who are colorists will enjoy these new riot of colours too!

3. STABILO Swans Premium Colored Pencil
for advanced users, offers faster, wider and better coverage as it contains a thicker than usual - 3.8mm thick lead. With smoother coloring effect given by the big strong lead, STABILO Swans Premium Colored Pencil encourages children to discover their talent in coloring and develop their coloring skills. Besides, brilliant coloring effect offered could motivate children to bring their imagination into full play. High quality lead with minimum breakage and lead flakes makes coloring experience engaging and inspires continuous effort.

Take advantage of the school holidays, and get your children a safer STABILO colored pencil! Enjoy a worry-free holiday break and have fun with your children to the max!

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