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Shopee Ramadan Sale

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Revision Books From Oxford Fajar

In our previous post, we wrote about Oxford Fajar's Complete Study Solution which includes resources to help students revise, practise, assess and reinforce their learning.

This post touches on the first level of books recommended for students at the start of a school year ie Revision Books.

Revision Books by Oxford Fajar provide comprehensive notes covering the essential concepts and facts of each topic and present them in a clear manner. Examples and tips are included to bolster students' understanding.

Revision Books published by Oxford Fajar are catered to student's learning styles

Did you know that the Revision Books series published by Oxford Fajar are actually tailored to cater to student's learning styles? This insight will be useful to you when selecting books to buy for your child's revision.

For Visual Learners

The Amazing series is designed for visual learners ie students who study best with diagrams, charts, and full coloured images. These books will have more visual guides for students who study best visually. Below are examples of the Revision Series books. - Amazing Sains and Amazing Matematik Tambahan for Form 4 students.

Additional digital resources such as videos, notes, interactive quizzes help students learn more effectively.

For Comprehensive Learning

The Success Series are for learners that need full comprehensive revision books. These books are detailed with comprehensive notes for each topic including examples and tips. Below are examples of the Success Series - Success Bahasa Melayu UPSR and Success Science KSSM PT3

For Quick Revision on-the-go

The Whizz Thru Series as its name suggest is a compact guidebook with notes and exercises designed for learners on-the-go looking for a quick revision to guide them through their lessons. Below are examples of the Whizz Thru Series - Whizz Thru Matematik KSSM PT3 and Whizz Thru UPSR Express Notes English.

Did you find this information useful? We hope this knowledge of how the publication of these revision books have been done with careful design and purpose will help you choose the right revision guides for your child.

This post was brought to you by Oxford Fajar Malaysia.

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