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Thursday, March 11, 2021

BenQ Eye-Care Monitor For Home Based Learning

Working from home and online learning from home has become our new norm. As we try to adapt to these new changes, we are faced with new challenges. To make working from home or studying from home comfortable and workable, we need the right gadgets!

Challenges faced during online learning at home

  • long hours online is tiring for students
  • not sure of which gadget to use - smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop?
  • not enough gadgets to share between siblings and parents
  • no proper study place
  • not enough data or internet line is not stable
  • no webcam or proper speaker
  • teacher's are not used to teaching online
  • students are not disciplined to stay throughout the lesson or participate during lessons
  • students chatting or playing games online during lessons
We could go on and on with the list of challenges. While some of them may take some time to get used to or be resolved, some can easily be resolved with the proper equipment and hardware. Let's start taking care of our children during online home based learning with the right gadgets. 

Not only do we need to support their homework and learning by making sure they understand what is being taught, when they have to submit assignments and making sure they do it, we also have to take care of their eyes, their posture, their sleep etc in order to reduce fatigue, tiredness, eye irritation or eye strain during long hours of online learning. We can do this by investing in a good monitor like the BenQ Eye-Care Monitor.

Top 3 reasons why the BenQ Eye-Care Monitor will help in home based learning

 1. The BenQ GW2480T & GW2780T Eye-Care Monitor can be easily connected to laptops, tablets and smart phones as external display. It comes with built in speakers.

Children do not have to squint their eyes over small smart phones or tablets as the monitor is available in 24 inch or 27 inch variants, making it comfortable for students. The monitor can be placed on a study or work desk. This encourages students to have good study habits by working from a study desk instead of walking about, sitting on the sofa with other distractions or worse still lying in bed! 

BenQ GW2480T & GW2780T come with D-Sub x1 , HDMI 1.4 x 1 , Display Port x1 connectivity, you do not have to invest in another desktop as you can use your existing laptop or tablet(adapter needed) to plug into the monitor.

2. The BenQ Eye-Care Monitor is height adjustable

Parents, kids, siblings can take turns using the monitor with no issues as the monitor is height adjustable for each individual. Not only are you able to move it up and down, you can tilt, pivot or swivel it for your viewing comfort. This reduces the need to hunch or bend over or raise your head which can be very tiring for long hours of lessons.

3. The BenQ Eye-Care Monitor takes care of your eyes

Here's how the BenQ Eye-Care Monitor takes care of your eyes

Zero Flicker - it is flicker free thus reducing pressure on the eyes as well as eye fatigue from looking at a screen for a long time.

Low Blue Light - it filters out blue light. Blue light is harmful to eyes. When we use a monitor to attend online lessons or do homework for hours daily, strong blue screen light enters our eyes, which could lead to eye-related problems. In addition, blue light can suppress the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, resulting in sleep disorders.

Brightness Intelligence features- Brightness Intelligence sensor will automatically adjust the brightness according to your surroundings. Screen light may cause fatigue to our eyes without us noticing. Many of us do not adjust our monitors manually each day according to daylight, evening or night light, thus increasing the risk of having a too bright or too dark monitor, both are not ideal for our eye health. With this auto brightness adjustment feature, we can be ensured of an optimum brightness every time. 

Color Weakness Features - it has a color weakness mode with red filter and green filter for red and green color deficiency. Did you know that people with color weakness can decipher pie charts, statistics and pictures better with color filters? Students are required to look at charts, figures and pictures a lot during lessons. This will help them view them better.

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