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Friday, May 21, 2021

Where to look for digital story books for kids

 Imagine if there were a search engine for digital story books. How wonderful that would be. Well, there isn't one right now but let's look at the next best thing. 

Did you know that you can find digital story books for kids in flipping book sites?

What are flipping book sites?

A flipping book site is a site that lets you convert your pdf into a digital book format or interactive html5 format that is mobile friendly and it even lets you design them. This is a great software for work and students. Students can now present their work with style. 

There are so many flipbook sites online but in this post I am only going to talk about 3. They are

  1. Anyflip
  2. Fliphtml5
  3. Pubhtml5

The reason why I picked these 3 are because they have a search function for uploaded books which we can use to search for digital story books for kids or any other books too for that matter. Let's give it a trial run. 

Below is a short demo of how to search for books in all of the 3 sites. Use keywords to find books. Once you have found the book you like, look at the uploader to check out the other books that have been uploaded into their account. You may be in for a very nice surprise as you find dozens of wonderful storybooks for kids. Many schools including SJKC, SJKT, SK and SMK use these sites to upload whole libraries of books for students.

If you prefer hard copies of story books, check out the following but remember to read our tips for buying books online from ecommerce sites before you purchase.

We end this post with a book on coronavirus for kids.


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