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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Benefit From 1-to-1 Tutoring Without Breaking The Bank



Ever wondered which type of learning or teaching method is most effective for your child? Group tuition, private tuition, online classes, self study?

Educationalist Benjamin S Bloom published a research paper in 1984 that showed that the average student performed around 98% better under one-to-one tutoring as compared to a classroom group setting. This tells us that all students can in fact succeed if they received high quality interactions with tutors and were simply taught the right way.

This research paper was titled “The 2 Sigma Problem” because though effective, not everyone can afford one-to-one tutoring.

Even today in Malaysia, the market rate for private tuition for Primary is around RM60/hour per subject while private tuition for Secondary can go up to RM85/hour per subject. Most private tutors also expect monthly payment upfront for each student they take on. Again, this is not a luxury that every household can afford.

Introducing AskBee - Reducing The Cost Of Personal Tutoring

AskBee is an app that helps primary and secondary school students learn better, by providing them with live, on-demand access to personal tutors at a reasonable cost.

Say goodbye to forking out hundreds of dollars for a single subject…

With personal or online tutoring, you would have to spend RM 400/month on a single subject. Now picture your child needing help for 3 subjects - that’s RM1,200/month per child!

Fret not because sessions on AskBee start from as low as just RM 9! Payment on AskBee works on a token basis. Each time your child places a request for a tutor, tokens will be credited from their account. The more tokens you purchase, the lower the cost of a session.

Another great thing about AskBee is that the tokens are not restricted to a single subject. So if your child is registering as a Primary 1 student, they’re free to use their tokens on all Primary 1 subjects available on the app.

Say goodbye to weekly or monthly tuition payments…

Forget about large upfront payments or having to commit to weekly or monthly payment schedules with your child’s tutor.

All tokens on AskBee are valid for 1 full year. Payment also works on a prepaid basis with no lock-in commitment!

Why not save yourself time and cost by reallocating just a portion of that tuition allowance into AskBee where tokens can be used on any subjects and are valid throughout the entire year.

Say goodbye to unnecessary travel time…

Don’t bother getting stuck in traffic on the way to the tutor’s house, or wasting precious time circling the block looking for parking around the tuition centre.

With on-demand access to live tutoring, sessions can take place anytime and anywhere. Your child simply has to whip out the app & get matched with an expert tutor who will help guide them through their homework or worksheet within 15 minutes.

With quick and effective sessions on AskBee for as low as RM9, everyone can now afford one-to-one tutoring. Help your child reach his or her full potential through one-on-one guidance from AskBee’s expert tutors.

“The app is so easy to use and all the tutors have been so helpful and friendly. I feel a lot more confident in my studies these days knowing that I have my favourite tutors on standby ready to help me whenever I need them. ”

(Ethan Yap, Standard 6)

This post was brought to you by AskBee. AskBee is an app that helps primary and secondary school students to learn better, by providing them with live, on-demand access to a personal tutor.

The app’s unique live video format enhances learning through face-to-face chat, different interactive modes and screen sharing functions.

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