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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

KF 94 masks from Korea for school and work


KF 94 masks - What does the KF stand for?

The South Korean standard KF94 masks have grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic. Most people are familiar with the design and shape of the KF94 masks by now though some are still unaware of what KF94 actually stand for. 

KF stands for Korean Filter, whereas 94 stands for the filtration efficacy. KF94 masks have an adjustable bridge for a more secure fit over your nose and side flaps to cover your face snugly. The side flaps help close any gaps around the face to limit unfiltered air entry.

There are many KF94 masks available locally now. However, if you are looking for KF94 masks which are manufactured and sold direct from Korea and KFDA approved (KFDA = Korea Food & Drug Administration), you can check out the Biomate KF94 mask.

Where can you buy the Biomate made in Korea KF94 masks?

The Biomate KF94 masks can be purchased direct from Korea and sent to your doorstep from Lady K House. They are suitable for students to use for school and adults to use for work as they are available in basic white and black variants. 

  • The masks are available in 10s, 50s, 100s, 150s and 200s. 
  • The masks are KFDA approved and also Sirim Certified. 
  • It has 4 filter layers and is soft and comfortable. 
  • The masks are individually packed for hygiene and convenience.

Buy Now: Kids Masks/Adult Masks
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(Expiry date for codes is 28 February 2023)

What is the size of the kids Biomate masks?

Buying masks for kids is more challenging than buying masks for adults because kids faces have very different sizes since they are  growing rapidly. It is important to check out the sizes of the kids masks before you purchase.

Know the size

The Biomate KF94 masks is 173 x 70 mm in size. They are suitable for children from age 7 to 12. They are available in white and black making them appropriate and suitable for school or tuition setting.

While it is fun to occasionally have cartoon masks for festive or other occasion, for long term use, it is better to have white masks which do not use any colour or dye.

Inside Biomate KF94 mask factory

Have you ever visited a mask factory? Check out how the Biomate KF94 masks are produced in the cleanest of environments in the following video.

This post was brought to you by Lady K House

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