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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Food Wars

I have yet to meet a couple who does not fight about food. "What to eat?", "Where to eat?" "How to cook it?" Theres so many things to fight about. Ain't life interesting?

Some of the complains I've heard:

"Aaargh! I must chop the chicken just right, into tiny, tiny pieces or else he will complain non-stop."
"My husband is soooooo boring. He never wants to try anything new."
"Why do you always want to eat out?"
"Why do you always want to eat in?"
"He doesn't know how to control himself when it comes to food. Always eating the fatty part of the meat. How to solve his health problem!?"
"Why are we always eating the same old thing?"
"I'm soooo tired of cooking. Why don't you ever help to do the dishes?"
and so on and so forth..

Hubby and I are no exception. Oh. We have had many, many food wars. But somehow over the years, we have learned to compromise with each other, now we only have small battles, not full-fledged war.

We're as different as night and day when it comes to food (amongst other things). I am more adventurous when it comes to food. I like to try new things and I enjoy variety. Hubby likes to stick to the tried and tested (tasted).

Over the years, I have learned that its not so bad to stick to the tried and tasted. We eat the same thing everytime for certain meals on certain days. I could call this boring but these days, I find it so convenient. I don't have to worry about what/where to eat. When you have two small children to care for and very little time, any time saved is time well spent. So, not having to think about what to eat or wait for your food to be prepared and served is a lifesaver. Besides, it is very easy to please my man, just find out his favourite and cook them over and over and over again. So easy. No need to crack my head over what to cook. No need to think of what vegetables and meats to buy. Just head to the same section every week. Saves soooo much time!

I have also learned to get my variety while hubby gets his staple. For example if we take McD, hubby will have his Big Mac everytime while I eat fish, chicken, prawn, nuggets and whatever variety I can get from there.

Hubby has also learned to adapt to my everchanging tastes and tries new things with me once in a while. Hey, sometimes when trying new things, he discovers a new favourite that we could eat over and over and over again. Hehe.

All this talking about food is making me hungry! Got to go now and check out whats in the fridge.


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