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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One of those days....

On one of those days......

  • your aircond breaks down and leaks
  • your tap leaks and you can't find the spare parts
  • you have a painful ear infection and you can't even eat properly from the pain and the doctor says he doesn't have the eardrop he wants to prescribe so you have to go see him another day
  • your nose is all clogged up and painful (thats a perpetual problem but on one of those days.... it actually feels worse than usual)
  • you have a fungal infection on your fingers that won't go away
  • ppl around you are being annoying
  • you annoy ppl around you

There. I feel better now...... I think.


  1. don think..Sleep!!

    aiyaa..get ur toddler & baby sleep together til ur MrMG back home..:P

  2. cool down... relax... have a spa.

  3. msau, ear pain kenot sleep.

    lazybone, spa? how to have a spa when got to wait for aircond repairmen and plumber?

  4. Oh dear, hope things get better pretty soon.

  5. take it ez... but whatever you do, dun watch 'barney'. it'll make it worse.

  6. When one thing doesn't seemed to run smoothly, everything seemed to ran out of track already.

    Cheer up Mg!

  7. your "argh" said it all.
    see the "argh" I also pain...
    take care leh mdm.

  8. Simon, don't even mention the name!

    Thanks Carol.

    Yee twinsmom? You came back from holiday adi?

  9. Poor MG!! hope you are feeling better..!

  10. Hope everything is back to normal now.When the days are perfect for you.

  11. MrsT, thquah, its Monday and my toilet flush is fixed (yeah that broke down too after the faucet!), my taps been fixed and my aircond too and my ear is feeling better so yes its a better week, I hope.


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