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Monday, March 20, 2006

Wherever we go......

When you have two young kids and no maid and no other adults at home.... it means taking the kiddoes with us wherever we go. And so, during the weekend when I had to go to the dentist, the whole family went along with me. Then hubby and I wanted to have a haircut and so we dragged the kids along with us again. When we were sick, we visited the doctor four times for four of us, each time, the whole family went along to accompany the sick one.

When we do banking, the whole family goes along too. Even to the neighbourhood store, the whole family goes together. Hahaha. Poor babies... they have to spend quite a lot of time in waiting rooms waiting for us or for each other. Luckily they're good entertainers and can easily entertain themselves. In fact, I think they rather enjoy the "adventure" of following us everywhere.... or at least, I hope!

On a sidenote, I had to go to the dentist to fix a broken tooth. Yes, the teeth actually broke off! The dentist said it was a goner, and the tooth simply collapse. She said she could see another like it due for the same fate! Boo Hoo Hoo! Its just a shell left behind and so she had to do root filling for me. Ouch! That left another big dent in our pockets. Ouch again! Is it any wonder, I only visit the dentist to fix something instead of for prevention and care? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!


  1. Even if we have a maid, we bring the kids along. I don't seem to have faith in maids.

    I guess my boys prefer to come along anyway. So, we still have to handle them, everywhere we go.. unless its a no, no, we have to go against their will, and leave them at parents!

    Going to the dentist can be expensive.. more expensive than the doctors sometimes ;)

  2. omg. i hate my dentist visits. i was forced to go every month for my braces. haha. your children seems to have an adventurous time following you two around. what happen to babysitter and child care centre?

  3. My DH who is a Dentist always complain that patients only come when they can't bear the pain anymore ! That's why it's important to go for 6 monthly check ups so that u don't pay for expensive treatments when ur teeth goes bad.

  4. I also bring Qi Ning with me wherever I go!
    Dentist, I also avoid it until is really necesaary. I am advise to go for a check-up now that I am pregnant but I am draging it!

  5. geetha,
    Well, it was certainly more expensive than the doc's and I have to go back next week.

    cheng sim,
    No babysitter as well and so much hassle just to send and pick up from childcare center, I think in the end its easier to drag them along with us.

    hahaha. Yah! Like me. Wait until tooth collaspe then only go... :P

    contented mum,
    The last time I went was when I was pregnant and baby is almost 2 now! ;)

  6. im also guilty of visiting the dentist only when i have a problem with my tooth/teeth

  7. Even with a maid, Zara goes every where with us too, but if we're visiting the Drs, we try not to bring her into the waiting room with us, just in case she catch a virus from other patients.

    We bring her to the wetmarket with us too, but she'll be in the sling.

    Btw, how do you do your markettting? You bring them along too?

  8. Our mentality is such that we only need to visit the dentist when there are problems. Maybe cos the dentists that we grew up with were really scary.
    I started my girls early. And it's good that they don't have any phobia now.

  9. I think most children enjoy going around getting errands done. Don't care go where as long as can be with Mommy and Daddy. When my kids see us getting ready to go out, they will automatically say "I wanna go". But ask them go where, they say "don't know".
    I am also guilty of avoiding the dentist. Fear was instilled when they force us to visit the primary school dentist. Ours was a TERROR! We'd wait for our friends to come back to class praying they were not biting on a bloody gauze.

  10. emmm.... I used to take taxi to run my errands and let hubby take care fo the girls, I think that is the best way, whole nest of egg out only once in a while.

    root filling?!?! ough... I scare.

  11. HI, spoted your blog thru twinsmom buzz corners. I too lost my mom when I was 17 years old. Indeep, I understand what and where you at now. Luckily, I have a good mother in law who sometime give me good advise, but I know it's not the same like your own mom.
    I have a terrible cough months ago, It feel like taking my life away when I cough, everytime I talk, I cough, It got worse when I go to bed, it last for at least 3 weeks.
    Anyway, there is a virus in your system now, I don't think there are medicine for it, cough medicine is to calm and make you sleepy so you can rest, (my doctor say so too) the only way is to rest good and let your body system fight the virus, just take lots of sleep and rest good. Some good Chinese doctors has good advise, but are they really graduate from Chinese Medicine School, I sometime doublt it ! so be very careful who you see.
    I would think Durian can ease the cough and no acidic fruits, they tend to make you cough more, other fruits or veggie a good substitute for vitamin c.
    I know a remedy for sore throat, maybe it help for cough too (I heard this over the radio).
    White radish and honey.
    Measure the size of white radish to the same amout of honey. Dice your radish small cube (4mm) soak in all dice radish into the honey. fridge it for at least 2 hours. The radish will become quite watery, start mixing all together. Next you mix in a spoon full of honey and radish that has being carmalized with warm water and serve, this may ease your cough. (No limit of many cup a day) Radish kill germ, I was eating it raw when I coughing. No harm to try it, it's all natural food. I hope this help.

  12. helloooooo supermom!

    now isnt that called doing the family thing? yes i remember dragging the kids here and there. they even had their own backpacks of coloring books, Gameboy, and Power Ranger toys to keep them entertained while mommy gets her checkup.

    those were the times...now? i would have to drag them to come with me even to the grocery store!

  13. mom2ashley,
    (*shake hands*) :P

    zara's mama,
    I do my marketing at the supermarket so its easier to bring them along.

    king's wife,
    Its good you started your girls young and they have no phobia. I don't really have a phobia but am just plain lazy! I'm thankful to my dentist because she's given me a nice smile with my eight front crowns (yes, 8!) and have seen her since before we both got married and had kids. You can say we both go back a loooonnng way. Hahaha.

    Oh yes, thats it! The school dentist was a TERROR!

    Yes, its certainly much faster to get things done alone.

    Hi! Welcome to my blog! You're right about the virus in our system. I thought we were all better but last night baby still coughed badly. :(

    hellllooooo! I shall remember what you said about them not wanting to come along the next time I think its too troublesome to bring everyone along. Hehe.

  14. same goes for me... we take him everywhere we go :)

  15. touch wood to say if me OR Xuan get sick, whole family have to go visit doctor together. But if only hubby fall sick, he kena take care and clinic by himself loh :p

  16. I have learnt to bring my son along wherever we go as he is older now. But I prefer him to stay home if I have to run around for errand. Just to save the trouble and let him relax and play at home with either one of us with maid at home.

  17. Oh My god. I'm guilty of teh same thing, I haven't been to the dentist in more than 7 years!!! How maa want to be a good example to my kids?

    Why now I feel like my back tooth is loose? Haiya...

  18. egghead,
    I'm sure he enjoys going everywhere with you guys.

    Ya hor, I forget sometimes when hubby sick, he has to go by himself (lol) but sometimes we accompany him too.

    Yah, sometimes they tire easily or rather get restless when there's too many errands to run. I remember taking them along to do MyKad, to the EPF dept and some other insurance agency all in one morning. Really tiring!

    7 years! You must have very good teeth. Hahaha.


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