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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Creating Happy Memories With The Children

The other day as I was boiling some soup, I had a strong flash of memory...... of my mother feeding me with the little red dates she was using to boil soup. The dates tasted so good to me (because mum was feeding me, not chasing me away from interrupting her cooking). I tasted those I held in my hand and the memory became stronger and I smiled to myself.

Mum died when I was 10 so that particularly memory that was so strong must have been when I was younger than 10. I don't remember other things about mum, like the conversations we had etc because I was young when she died but its things like that which memories are made of.

With this memory, I would like to remind myself that whenever the children come to "disturb" me when I am doing a task like the laundry, cooking or other housework like sweeping, I should involve them instead of telling them to "go away, don't disturb me, mama is busy can't you see?"

Recently when we were cleaning our new house, I gave each of them a cloth and asked them to help me wipe. They were delighted! They wiped everything including, the floor, the railings, the furniture and their faces afterwards with the same cloth! I just had to close one eye to that and allow themselves to enjoy helping and smile at their antics because memories are made of these special moments.


  1. oh no.,.u just reminded me not to shout at jayden when i'm doing things..

  2. That's true, MG. Just yesterday, daddykhong was wiping the console with the cloth, he let Brae held the cloth and showed him how to wipe! He was having so much fun helping daddy. For me, I would probably say "Brae, don't disturb mummy, you go and play yourself."

  3. sasha,
    I have to constantly remind myself not to SHOUT!

    They just love to help, if only we would let them yah?

  4. Awww...so sweet of them to enjoy helpg aroun the hse...

  5. These are the memories we will cherish as long as we still have them (I mean memory power). I also try as often as I can to enjoy every moment with Jesse instead of correcting and saying "No" to him.

  6. shooi,
    They always like to help but usually they slow me down when they help. Hahaha.

    Yes, when we say "no" to them too often, they learn to say "no" to us too!


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