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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Simple Flower Craft for Kids - Crepe Paper Carnations

We received a gift hamper for Christmas. It had its basket handle wrapped up in red crepe paper so we saved those to make a simple flower craft. I still remember making simple tissue paper flowers in school which looked very lovely but I had forgotten how to make them. A quick search on the web came up with many great sites with step by step instructions (and pictures) to make simple crepe paper or tissue paper flowers. Here are the links to some of these sites.

Kids Creativity Portal
Enchanted Learning
Therapy Resources Inc

You can play around with materials and colours for lovely results. We made our crepe paper carnations with leftover or recycled red crepe paper from our gift hamper, some straws and green tape. Then we put them in their little toy teapot which doubled up as a vase. As usual, my girl wanted me to spray the completed crafted flowers with some perfume to make them seem more real so we just that. LOL!

Not only are these flowers simple and fun to do with the kids, they look good enough to decorate your home with. You can make these simple flowers in red or pink to decorate the house for Chinese New Year which is just round the corner.

This flower craft is simple to make and takes up very little time. We did ours in less than 10 minutes. For lazy mums like me, you might also like the fact that its not messy. No glue or glitters involved.

Place the crepe paper carnations in a toy teapot to decorate your child's room

Place the crepe paper carnations in some deocrative cans or vase for an interesting table top centerpiece

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