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Monday, April 28, 2008

Kids Craft: Homemade Teacher's Day Card

My girl loves her teacher. With Teacher's Day coming on 16th May 2008, we decided to make a homemade card for her teacher.

Its been sometime since we've done any crafts together (although she's always bugging me to). Its hard to find the time with her away at preschool in the mornings. When she gets home, its usually time for lunch and homework. So we did this on a weekend when her daddy was busy working.
My girl loves to cut and paste. And so thats what we did.

This is a very easy craft to do. Here are the things you need to make your card:
  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Coloured Paper

First, we folded a white card into two. You can also use black as a base if you like. On the cover we drew then cut out and pasted a vase at the base of the picture. I managed to find two pre printed leaf templates from one of their books so we used that but you can easily achieve the same effect by drawing and cutting out the leaves.

Then I asked my girl to draw flowers of various shapes and sizes on coloured paper and cut them out. I instructed her to paste her flowers with the big ones behind and the smaller ones in front overlapping the big ones.

I drew in curved lines and asked her to write her Teacher's Day message using capital letters and with the bottom of the letters touching the bottom line. She used a pencil so she could rub and adjust the lettering to just the right size before drawing them in with coloured pen. I find this is necessary as she oftens writes the words either two small and all squashed to one side or too big leaving no more space for extra words.

She was very happy with the results. I then asked her to draw and decorate the inside of the card with whatever message or picture she likes. She drew those in with gusto. Lol!

This is a fun way to teach kids spelling etc while doing the craft. She got to practise her capital letters as she sometimes mixes them up and she proudly told me that she can spell "teacher" on her own.


  1. our teacher's day is on 1 Sep. i thot is the same for all countries..hehehe...

  2. Simple yet sweet!
    Guess I should get my Xuan to do it for her teachers tooo!!! Great way to bribe teacher hor....

  3. ling,
    Oh, I thought its the same throughout the world too!

    I'm not sure the teacher would consider a homemade card as a bribe. Its a little too cheap! Haha.

  4. I usually give my kids' teacher only books.The theme often about kids or new methods in teaching so my kids would also have some profits too (as long as the teacher read it) hehehe....

  5. Very nice and the teacher would be very happy to receive a hand made card rather than a ready made card.

  6. If I were the teacher, I would be very touched to receive a homemade card from my student. That's very nice of you and your girl to make a card for her teacher.

  7. henny,
    Haha. What a fantastic idea.

    Yes, it would be a change since its usually teacher who gets them to make a handmade card for us. Hehe.

    health freak mommy,
    She loves crafts so she was having fun doing it anyway. :)


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