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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Mystery of the Missing Stationaries

I remember when I was a kid, I loved to read Enid Blyton books with titles like these "The Mystery of the Missing Stationaries." Well, right now I am involved in such a case or rather I wish there was an inspector who could help me solve the case of the missing stationaries.

Some years ago, when I was still single, I remember my sister used to grumble about the number of stationaries her kids keep on losing or misplacing. She would buy not just one rubber but a dozen. Sometimes she would take away pocket money from her kids to pay for those rubbers but still the stationaries kept on missing.

I smiled and thought to myself that when I have kids, I shall teach them to be not so forgetful and wasteful. I take that thought back!

My girl who is attending preschool now would come home almost daily with either a missing rubber, ruler, pencil or sharperner. No matter how much I nag at her or try to tell her nicely to check her things before she leaves her class, the stationaries are still lost or missing.

I guess this is just one mystery of the life of a kid. I remember when I was shopping for schools, I was really amused when one of the schools I visited had a showcase full of missing items. The showcase was called "Lost and Found". My sister thought that the showcase was a very good idea. Lol!

The showcase of Lost and Found items may be amusing but not so funny when you are the mother to the one who is always losing things!


  1. yes yes stationeries will go missing wan. My niece always kena from my sis cos her pencils and erasers go missing- EVERYDAY!

  2. Same here. Now, not only the missing stationeries, missing exercise books sometimes.

  3. With me is more terrible because not only their stasionaries are missing, mine too especially my pens. I guess sometimes when they're in a hurry going to school, they just grab the first pen they saw to take away. My pens always there on the PC's table at the living room, easy place to stop by...

  4. sasha,
    Your turn will come soon, I promise. Muahahaha.

    Exercise books too eh?

    Hahaha. I remember previously at work, I was the culprit for all the missing pens at my co-workers work tables. :P Hopefully the kids don't take after me.

  5. Dont be alarmed as Abilash has even lost his marked exam paper given back by his teacher (didnt scold him as he got 90 over marks for it). Losing stationery is a norm for him & I started taking his money to buy new stationeries. This has helped as he is a very money faced boy & cant bear to part with his money, LOL!

  6. *touch wood* I have not encounter this so far...have I?? am not a very good mother. may be it's bcos I seldom check her pencil case. I only sharpen her pencils once a while...hehe..her pencils are always there... Anyway, i dun give her fanciful pencils or erasers. All her stationery are very plain one...throw on the floor oso i think nobody picks. *touch wood* again..

  7. Maybe should tie string to the stationaries ;)

  8. a&a's mom,
    As soon as they can start handling money, I'll start deducting theirs for their stationaries. Hahaha.

    My girl's stationary also all plain plain one. Hehe.

    Then the string will get lost.

  9. I tot all preschool now will supply stationaries geh...so Xuan doesn't bring any to school & i dont hv to wori abt missing stationaries!!

  10. kelly,
    Oh, do they provide the stationaries these days? My girl's just provide the color pencils which she sometimes forgets to bring home to do her homework.


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