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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its Chinese School for my girl

After much contemplation, we finally decided to stay with the Chinese School in which my girl had been placed. It was really not easy to come to this decision. We were still undecided right up to the very last minute before driving to the school to get her birth certificate stamped. Right before driving to the school I had completed the form of appeal to a National School and we were still discussing about it in the car. lol! Thats how undecided we are.

In the end we decided to give this particular Chinese School a try because we felt that this particular school is a good school with good facilities and a progressive head. The fact that he informed us that 60% of his students come from English speaking homes helped a little, I think.

Secondly, my girl does not show any barrier towards learning the language. She does not speak Mandarin but she is ok in her reading and writing. She shows a keeness and love for learning the language. Thats important too.

After confirming her place at the school, the school clerk asked us to write down my girl's name in Chinese so that they could prepare the badge for her. Hubby and I looked at each other. We had forgotten how to write her name in Chinese! So we had to get the aid of a teacher. Hmm... what a fine start.

We were given an Orientation program sheet (in Chinese) with some minimal Malay translation. I don't know what the program is all about since I can't read! And on the Orientation Days when the teachers talk about the school and its regulations (I presume), I won't understand what they are talking about! Oh dearie me. What have we gotten ourselves into!

So now, till the end of the year, I have to gear myself and my girl for Mandarin and lots and lots of homework. Anyone knows a good crash course in Mandarin? Hahaha. Ok. Ok. Perhaps I'll start with a good electronic dictionary. Can anyone recommend a good one?

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