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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why did you choose Chinese School/Kebangsaan School?

Ok. Ok. I'm beggining to sound like a broken record that keeps harping on the same subject but I just cannot make up my mind!

Anyway, I'm not going to write about this anymore. I hope to hear from you instead.

For those of you with kids entering Primary School and you HAVE MADE UP YOUR MIND about which school to send them. (Unlike me). Why did you choose Chinese School/Kebangsaan School?

For those of you whose kids are currently attending Chinese School/Kebangsaan School, Why did you choose Chinese School/Kebangsaan School? Do you have any regrets or are you happy with your choice?

Hope to hear your views. Don't be shy to leave long comments. Me and probably many others too want to hear from you. Thanks.

Since this topic is rather important to me, I am duplicating this post on my other blogs as some who read my other blogs don't read this one vice versa.


  1. sorry not able to help, as my kids are still not that stage. It's really a headache huh trying to figure out the school thingy

  2. ooh i wanna know the outcome also.

  3. jazzmint,
    But you'll reach that stage in no time at all. Haha.

    Then you mah tumpang baca loh. I so kiasu put the same post on all my blog to err maximise replies since its important to me but dunno why most of the replies on my personal blog wor. So you hop over there to read. Hehe.

  4. My choice still sticks to Chinese school. Mainly due to hub n myself are from Chinese edu background. Easier for us to teach and monitor their study progress. I cannot say Chinese school is 100% perfect, but at least I can see Chinese students perform better so far. Hope I did not offense anyone here.

    Also lesser "lepak" case like in Kebangsaan School. Influence from schoolmates are very important too unless the kids have very strong disciplinary background from their family.

    I know the homework will be a nightmare for my kids, so I need to plan a good time management for them once enter primary school.

    Eh by now, you should have already registered your girl into primary school rite? So what is your choice now?

  5. For me 101% choose for chinese school. Wanna my gal learn chinese like me too haha

  6. jesslyn,
    I really would like to support my kids by teaching and monitoring their study progress too but I can't because I don't know Chinese.

    Well, the school thing is like this. I registered at a Chinese School with another Chinese school as my 2nd choice and a kebangsaan school as my 3rd choice. So you see I was undecided.

    Now, I've got the Ministry letter placing us at another Chinese school not of my choice 1,2 or 3 so I have to appeal and start thinking all over again loh. Hahaha.

  7. vicky,
    Thats great. If I know Chinese, I'd send my kid to Chinese school too without hesitation. :)

  8. I heard many Chinese schools their homework is really nightmare and I do not want my kids to be so stressed on all these but I have no choice coz hubby insisted them to be in Chinese school so I have enroll my boy in Chinese school.

    I din know that we need to fill in 3 choices of school coz hubby is the one who went for registration. When I asked him about it, he said he only fill in one choice of school, so I have to wait till next year only will know which school that my boy will be in.

    So, chinese school is my hubby's choice instead of mine.

  9. kiasumum,
    It doesn't matter that there are 3 choices, they just look at choice no 1 from the looks of it.

  10. mg, also wanna add.
    my finance manager, she registerd her daughter to kebangsaan school. the school is only 3 MINs walk from their house. on the first day of school, to her horror, the class was packed 50 pax and her daughter was the ONLY chinese there. the teacher was non-chinese. her daughter was so scare. immediately, she took her out and registered for SriKL which was nearby as well.

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  12. little lamb,
    alamak. fortunately she can afford sriKL.

    I have a Google PR 0 for my blogs. You sure you wanna exchange? Hahaha.


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