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Monday, November 10, 2008

My little exercise coach

My boy at 4 is still a super glue.

At bedtime, he holds my hand, places in over him, then puts his bolster and carefully arranges his blanket over my hand then asks me....

"Mummy, do you know why I put your hand like that?"

When I say...

"No. Why?"

He goes on to say....

"So that your hand will be stuck so when you move, I will wake up and know. Heheh."

lol. Well, usually I move and sleep on the mattress on the floor beside him and last night, he fell on me. He whined a bit but when I carried him back and put him back on his bed, he continued to whine a little and then went right back to sleep. Hehe.

This morning when I was doing some exercises, he asks me not to follow the one on the tv screen but to follow him.... and so I did. I jumped about the way he directed me to and later on when it came time to stretch he coached me to lie down on the floor, stretch and yawn. (We yawned upon his suggestion) Hahaha. After that he turned towards me, put his hand on my face and say "Must sayang face" then he hugs me and says "Must hug hug." In turn I must sayang his face and hug hug him too. Then we stretched and yawned some more and he asked me "Are you tired?"

When I replied "Yes." he said he was tired too so he suggested that we go and drink some orange juice, his favourite. Hahaha.

Usually I just let him play his computer game when I exercise so he can be near enough for me to watch him. Today, he was playing his blocks, cars and digger so he decided to join me in exercising instead and then he decided to be the exercise coach. Hehe. And what a wonderful little coach he turned out to be. Great exercise therapy. You should try it too with your kids. :)


  1. tat's super sweet of your boy...aren't you lucky..

  2. ur boy's so sticky ( u have mentioned it few times on ur blog) so is mine :) but i think we should really treasure those 'sticky moments' as what u said on the other post: they will distance themselves from us in the future, one day they will just automatically wear off 'the stickiness'!

  3. That's really a sweet bonding moment which we must treasure.

  4. That is so cute. having your hands over so that he could feel you move. shows how much he loves you.

    Exercising with your kids? now that is an idea. thanks for the nudge !

  5. contented mom,
    Yes, I am. :)

    Then we'll want them to be sticky again. Haha.

    Thats why I recorded it down for remembrance.

    Its a great way to spend time with the kids and still get some exercise. You can also take them jogging at the park.

  6. MG,
    I found the last kid usually more sticky to us than the others. It happened to me.
    About exercise..

    Ian always suggest me to jump o the bed like he did every morning. "Do it Ma...Come on...This is called 'olahraga'" haha...Sometimes I did jump too LOL! Just to make him happy....

  7. henny,
    If I jumped on the bed with the kids, the bed would colaspe. Hahaha.

  8. He's such a sweet little lad. :)

  9. jazzmint, elaine,
    Yes, the boy is more affectionate than the girl. He always likes to come and brush the hair away from my face too in a very gentle gesture. Very touching. Hehe. Perhaps its got to do with the fact that I breastfed him for 3 years so he's rather stuck to me.

  10. My son is a super glue too. He'll always make sure that I sleep with him when his sister is asleep.


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