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Friday, November 28, 2008

How to get your kids involved in Arts & Crafts

The kids love to do Arts and Crafts. We have designated Friday as Arts & Crafts Day this school holiday.

I did make a lot of effort to introduce Art & Craft to them and get them involved to bring out their creativity when they were younger. However, ever since the girl started kindy, we have less time to do them. I haven't updated the Arts and Crafts category on this blog for a long time.

We still have a useful stock of art supplies though. I find it really useful to have Arts and Craft Supplies readily available so we can use them whenever we need.

We have the following in our Arts and Crafts Cupboard:
  • Scissors
  • Glues
  • All sorts of construction papers, colored, cardboard, crepe, thick, thin, transparent
  • All sorts of colored pens and pencils and glitter glue and pens
  • Stickers
  • Glitter dust'
  • Ribbons and papers from old hampers
  • Recycled wrapping paper
  • Play Doh
  • Paints and Palletes
  • Origami books and papers
  • Paper plane books and papers
  • Balloon Art pump and balloons plus instructions
  • Pencil, rubber, ruler
  • Drawing Block

With these basic supply, we can sit down for an arts and crafts project anytime. Today we're making a homemade story book. So we took out our manila cardboard for the cover, folded and cut out the pages of the book and stapled the pages together with the cover to make the book and the rest is up to their imagination.

The girl has been given a project to make a story book called "My School Holidays" and the boy is to make a book called "My ABC 123 Book". The rest is up to their imagination and its wonderful what they can come up with sometimes. I tell them to write, draw, color and decorate with stickers, anything they feel like doing.

I give them a book as an example for what to put on the cover. Eg: Title and Author and how the book should look like. The girl would often call out to me on how to spell a word that she wants to put in her story. Its a fun way of learning instead of asking her to do spelling. This way she learns on her own initiative.

For ideas, sometimes I look at kids' contests, or newspaper pages for kids and of course, the world wide web. Last night the girl couldn't wait for Arts and Crafts Friday so she started her project to draw firemen on a rescue mission, an idea I stole from the newspapers.

Doing Arts and Crafts is a fun way for the kids to learn, keeps them occupied and away from the tv. :)

I wrote this post last week but now its Friday again and time for another Arts & Crafts project! My goodness. Time flies. For today's project, we are going to paint pictures and frame them up in the colourful frames I bought from IKEA about 2 weeks ago. It'll be fun plus it'll make a nice decoration for their playroom.

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