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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When daddy is left alone with the kids

To my dearest sweetie pie and cutie pie,
(Thats what mommy used to call you both)

Kids, this post is for you to help you remember what silly things your dad used to do together with you when mommy is not around.

  • The elephant bath - Daddy taught you both how to do the elephant dance in the shower. First, you put water in the mouth, gargle, then spew out the water as far as you can just like an elephant would with his trunk. Thats why daddy calls it the elephant bath. This never fails to delight you both especially when daddy praises how far you can shoot out the water. If mommy is around, daddy will ask you to shoot the water at mommy! As a result, mommy's bathroom floor and sink is always wet! (Because sometimes you both like to practise your elephant bath gargle at the sink too!)
  • The zebra dance - Daddy taught you both to do the zebra dance when washing your feet. He would spray the shower onto your feet and ask you both to put one feet over the other to make sure that they are both clean. He named this the zebra dance.
  • Tickles - Daddy is very good at tickling. Both of you would always ask to be tickled. Daddy would stand up, count to 3 and pretend like he was going to pounce on you both sending you both shrieking in delighted anticipation. If mommy is in, sometimes daddy asks you both to tickle mommy as well.
  • Milo Ais in a bowl - When mommy is out, instead of making you both milk in your bottles, daddy would make a big bowl of iced milo, then give you both straws and ask you both to drink from it. Then he would sing this song while you are both drinking...."When mummy is out, we drink Milo, then we don't tell mummy!" But you always tell mommy in the end. Hehe.
  • Reading Books - Daddy is not very good at reading books to you. (Because he is usually tired from work and goes to sleep early). He bought this book of 365 stories for a story a day but he has only used it 2-3 times this year. Hahaha. Anyway, when daddy does read you a story, I can always hear both of you laughing as daddy makes funny actions to go with the story. Sometimes you even get out of bed to do the actions together.
  • Fierce Daddy - Daddy can be very fierce when he is scolding you. That is because he loves you both and wants to make sure that both of you learn what is right and wrong. When he scolds, mummy never interferes because he would always hug you both and tell you that he loves you, a little time after the scolding. This is not like mummy who scolds you all day long. Haha. But then mummy is with you all day long and you both do quarrel, and fight, and pester mummy all day long.
  • At the supermarket with daddy - Daddy is the fun man or the funny man so when its time to go out for fun you like to look for daddy. In the supermarket, you both always prefer daddy to mommy because daddy will stop to show you the fruits and vegetables and put the cold cans of drinks we bought on your cheeks to tease you. If mommy is nearby, mommy may sometimes get a shock from the cold canned drinks too. Mommy doesn't do any of that at the supermarket. She is always rushing around and asking you not to tear up her vegetables! You both prefer daddy when going out but back home its always mommy again, especially at bed time. :)
  • At the mall with daddy - Daddy plays catching with you at the malls. He lets you run, then he chases after you and you all end up laughing and sitting on the floor .... like it is your home! Daddy - oh, daddy. Sometimes mommy is made to wear her running shoes and has to sit on the mall floor too! Sometimes the loser in the mall running race would cry but daddy would soothe you and say its ok because mommy is last again! Mommy does not like you to run around very much because she can't catch up with you.
  • Daddy the teacher - Dad teaches you both Math and ABC usually in very creative ways. You like him to teach you but at the same time sometimes you are scared too because daddy can be very stern. ;)

So, kids. Though you often ask for mommy because mommy is at home all day with you teaching with you, napping with you, reading and singing with you, these are the fun things you do with daddy. You see, daddy and mommy love you but we show our love differently. You have fun with daddy and you are comforted by mommy. And mommy hopes that when you are adults you will be able to remember this stuff that daddy used to do with you when you are little especially when daddy scolds you for not studying, staying out too late with friends, etc etc and all those other things that big kids do. :)




  1. hahha...daddy is always full of mischief...

  2. I just realized that my father has done none of them for me when I was young.... Perhaps I'll try them for my son.

  3. It seems -everywhere- daddies are more FUN than mommies :)
    Very sweet for dad your post this time. and precious for your kids to read when they're grown up. Maybe I should write something like this at my blog...

  4. Daddy is an all-rounder! He is such fun to be with!! :)

  5. You know everytime when my boy asks me to play with him, i'll sure say "go n play with ur daddy" (when daddy's around)! My man is ten years older than me, but how come i feel he's much more energetic to play with our son than myself! Ha! maybe all men no matter how old are KIDDY!

  6. contentedmom,
    I think most daddies are that way.

    Perhaps you should try then. You will benefit from the bonding too. Having your child's unconditional love is the most wonderful feeling.

    You should write one. It'll be great fun for the kids to read when they grow up.

    Daddies are always more fun than mommies.

    We're both about the same age, which is old (since we started our family late) but he has more energy than me.

  7. Ohhhh...the milo ais and elephant bath sounds like so much fun!!! Daddy sure is creative and very good with the kids.

  8. oliveoylz,
    Leaving mommy to grumble about the wet bathroom floor etc. Hahaha.

  9. ya, daddy play very important role in our life. i always love to share my secret with my dad, coz he is a great listner.^_^ thanks, daddy.


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