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Friday, January 09, 2009

Ist Week at Kindy for First Time

My boy is attending kindy for the first time this year. He is 5. On the first day, his daddy accompanied him since I had to be at the primary school with his sister.

He was beaming all the way. He was happy to be in school. It makes him feel important, I think. He likes the idea of having a teacher, making friends, doing homework, having food breaks etc.
He complained that his daddy was disturbing him in the class by taking photos of him. Haha.

On the second and subsequent days, I was able to be there for him. He was still beaming all the way. I saw that he followed instructions very well. He wanted to bring tissue papers for his friends who cried. He sang the songs they taught him happily. He smiled at his teachers and said Good Morning and Goodbye to them. He said Hello and Goodbye to his friends and proudly proclaimed to me that he has 11 friends now. Haha.

I wonder when all this novelty will wear off for him. Hopefully not. Anyway, I am glad that he really likes preschool. I would have a real headache to have to deal with tears at two different locations for two different kids at two different times throughout the whole week. So fortunately at least one kid is happy and feels at ease. Phew!

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