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Monday, March 23, 2009

Two terms in a year

I checked the school calander and saw that the recent holidays was actually a mid-term holiday. So it was not the end of the first term holidays as I had erroneously thought.

The school has only two terms in one school year. The first term ends in May with a 2 week break whereas the 2nd term ends in November with a 2 month break. In between those two terms there are two mid term breaks of 1 week in March (for the first term) and 1 week in August (for the 2nd term).

This is a bit different from my school days when we had three terms in a year.

Its back to school today. We didn't go anywhere during the holidays but the kids enjoyed it all the same. I wonder what the next half of this term holds for them. Hopefully, they both do well in school, in terms of making friends and getting along with friends and teachers so they will feel a sense of belonging, being able to understand what is taught so they feel more confident during lessons etc. That is my wish for them.

The girl has a trial piano exam in April and a piano concert for exam students in June before her piano exam in July. The boy has a charity concert in May. It would seem like I am living my life around school holidays and school events now.

My girl takes piano lessons and nothing else, no other extra activities. Everyday after school, she comes straight home and starts working on her school work right after lunch. Even then, her days are full. I wonder how other kids with days chockful of activities do it? I really wonder. (Some of my girl's classmates take swimming, ballet, art, badminton etc in addition to music lessons) I wonder how they do it. I don't think we could cope with more activities.


  1. i guess younger kids have more free time? nicole has piano, ballet, swimming and art classes...all which she enjoys to the fullest...no stress but fun!

  2. Such is the life of a parent - schedule? you mean my kids schedule? :)

    Reckon those that have many activities do different things on diffferent days....but I do hope they actually love what they are doing!

  3. I thought I'm the only one wondering how other kids cope. It looks like both of us are the same.

  4. I think being kids now is really hard than our times years ago. I only accept my kids course activity only for music and one boy added robotic course for himself, because he loves doing it. School lessons? oh no way...

  5. As long as they are happy, dun matter how many activities they take, I wud think. Anyway, even if i want to be one of those pushy parent, my boy won't let me la, ha, ha!

  6. Kristie,
    Too fast!

    I'm wondering because I wouldn't be able to cope to as a parent/coach. Haha.

    Haha. School lessons after school? definitely a no-no!

    Lil' Monsters,
    I'm talking about time, not happiness. lol. There is not enough time!


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