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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where did you go during the school holidays?

"Where did you go during the school holidays?" This is a standard question that teachers would ask students everywhere right after the holidays.

Yesterday, I stayed back at the kindergarten to speak to my son's teacher and I heard the teachers asking the kids this question.

To everyone's amusement, the kids replied.....

"IOI Mall"
"Berjaya Times Square"
"Mid Valley"

Hahaha. Looks like one week is too short for anyone to go anywhere meaningful so its just to the shopping complex to jalan-jalan for most kids.


  1. ha! we just managed to go Genting! and my brother was so kind to take the children (including my sister's) out for flying kite on the last day! not so bad har compared to shopping mall!

  2. Leeyen,
    That sounds great. My kids would love to go kite flying! But I am guilty as charge over taking them to shopping malls.

  3. shopping malls (sadly) are the easiet and safest way to amuse the kids!

    If only we had the beach nearer and some less fierce moskies....then the amswers could be somewhat different!


  4. hahaha...their moms sounds like me!
    That's the fastest and easy way for spending a short vacation.

  5. This break I am not guilty as charged! LOL

    Brought them to Zoo( N time lor) + Genting.

  6. Ann,
    Yeah, I totally agree with you. :(

    We are bad mommies.

    Good for you!


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