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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dora Vs Barbie Vs Hello Kitty

There are a few female cartoon characters or dolls for little girls. Dora, Barbie and Hello Kitty are just three of the many. I would say that out of these 3, Hello Kitty wins my girl's heart the most.
Oh, she likes Dora and her adventures. She even has a Dora tumbler and a few Dora storybooks and DVDs but thats it.

As for Barbie, well, she doesn't feel much affection for Barbie. I tried to get her a Barbie doll once (hoping that I could play with it along with her) but she doesn't like the doll. And whenever we are at the toy store she does not get attracted to any of the Barbie's with their pretty clothing waiting to be picked by little girls like her. "What can a doll do?" she says and runs off to look at some other toys. She doesn't like any Barbie merchandise either. No Barbie stationaries, cutlery or bags for her. She just doesn't like them. Poor Barbie.

My girl's all time favourite is Hello Kitty. She absolutely adores Hello Kitty stuff. I guess thats a good thing. You will outgrow Dora and Barbie but Hello Kitty is timeless and ageless. Hahaha. You can even collect them as a collectors item in adulthood.

So for her birthday this year, she is getting a cake with a Hello Kitty cream picture on top and she's getting a few Hello Kitty merchandise. Notebooks, Pens, Mechanical Pencil etc. We brought her to pick them out the other day and she was overjoyed. "Can I really have this? And this? And this?"

They're just small stuff like pencils etc but she loves them. Usually when she wants to get these stuff I usually put them back and the answer is usually "No, its too expensive. No, you break all your mechanical pencils. No, you've got enough notebooks." so she was delighted when she heard "Yes." After picking up a few items she said she has had enough when we told her to sop. "I better stop here before mummy and daddy change their minds and ask me to put some of them back." lol. She was so worried that we would tell her "No" or we would change our minds.

Her only complaint? "I know what I'm going to get for my birthday. Its not going to be a surprise." I told her that its better than getting something that she doesn't like and she agreed. For this girl of mine, a Hello Kitty notebook is anytime preferable to a Barbie doll.


  1. Hello Kitty is my favourite too!

  2. compare to the rest i like hello kitty also. Barbie's boobs toooo poky and hard like rock.

  3. Ah,how I miss to buy little girl stuff! Mine has already "big" girl now, at least she think like that :(

  4. GLAD she doesnt like Barbie! All she ever does is look pretty! :)hahaha....

    Maybe can get her a Hello Kitty shirt for her actual bday?

    Do you know there is Hello Kitty shop in Bangsar?

  5. Annie,
    I like it too. Hehe.

    Just like ours during breastfeeding and engorgement. Hahaha.

    Mines asked whether she can continue to carry her Hello Kitty school bag to university. lol.

    Oh, I didn't know that. Where in Bangsar?


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